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With age, we mature and grow into wonderful women, but even though we are older, wiser and more empowered than ever, it can still be easy to forget our true value.

When life takes a difficult turn, our confidence can be knocked, and our sense of self-worth may take a nosedive.

This is why we recently asked some of our wonderful clients to think about what they would say to their 18-year-old selves, to boost their confidence, if they had the chance.

The new ‘Note to Self’ Series

We’ve collated these words of wisdom into a ‘Note to Self’ e-book and, in this new blog series, we’ll be sharing the stories in the hope that they inspire you.

Since their teens, these ladies have lived, loved and learnt so much. We felt that we could all benefit from their experiences and advice.

In this edition, you’ll meet the incredible Lucy.

Lucy’s ‘Note to Self’…

“Dear me,

I know, you’re surprised to be hearing from yourself aged 23 – we made it here! That may seem impossible to you right now, but there are a few things we’ve learned along that bumpy road that I’d like to share with you.

Perhaps the most valuable gift that I wish I could just give you, instead of you having to learn the hard way, is acceptance.

Learn to accept yourself, the world around you, and what is or isn’t within your control. Because accepting what is, and what isn’t, is the easiest way to achieve peace. Peace with yourself, peace with the world around you, and peace overall.

Trust me, it makes dealing with what life has to throw at you much easier!

Then guess what? From peace, can come love.


18 year old Lucy

Now, I’ll admit, the practice of self love is by no means easy, but accepting yourself for how you are (the good AND bad bits – ALL OF THEM!) means you are able to take those small steps every single day to give yourself the love and care that you deserve.

If I told you at age 18 that by 23 you’d have done two stunning photo shoots dressed in next to nothing, and would have a bedroom wall full of incredible portraits of you, I think you’d probably laugh right in my face. But, it’s true!

You did that, and you loved every second.

Luy during her eternal angel photoshoot

Not because you lost five stone, or gained inches in height or underwent major plastic surgery, but because you let yourself be you, completely and unapologetically, and show that off (with the help of an incredible photographer!).

Showing yourself off for exactly who you are felt amazing. You do that a lot more these days, and you know what? It always feels GREAT.

You are worth it. You are enough.

You’ll get there (here). It will be worth every ounce of the pain you feel now – I promise you that.


Yourself x

Lucy finds inner peace through empowering photography

Thank you, Lucy!

We really appreciate you sharing this with us, Lucy. Thank you! It’s an inspiring read and so wonderful to hear that you have found inner peace.

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Access the free Johanna Elizabeth ‘Note to Self’ book

Note to Self is a beautifully designed ebook with many more stories like this, and it’s completely free. We created it especially for you, so don’t miss out! Access it here.

You can also view others in the series here on the blog. Don’t miss these!

Love Johanna, Ange & Evie



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