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We’ve launched a new online community and we’d love you to come on over and join us in there!

It’s our aim to make the ‘Make It Happen’ Facebook group the HOT new place to be online, and already it’s a buzzing with women just like you!

A safe online community for women

We have decided to open up this group because we want you all to have a space to discover like-minded ladies, make new friends and where you can be you, without judgement.

We know you want to feel heard and feel valued, and we know that you want to be inspired.

The ‘Make It Happen’ Facebook group is for women, and by women, who feel the same!

Make It Happen Facebook group

Let us help you take the next empowering step!

You’ve discovered us – the Johanna Elizabeth team – because you’re interested in how we help women celebrate themselves through empowering portrait photography.

Let us guess, you’re thinking about joining us for a magical journey of your own but you’re not sure if you’re ready to take the next step? Then you’re perfect for the group!

When you join, you’ll realise that there is absolutely no rush. You are so very welcome regardless of whether you plan to book your shoot soon, or at some point in the future.

When you’re ready though, we can guide you and support you, and help you take the next step!

Get involved, be inspired and inspire others

It’s a priority for us that the ‘Make It Happen’ Facebook group is first and foremost a supportive community and enjoyable place to be.

We want you to use it to support each other before, during and forever after a journey with Johanna Elizabeth.

Get involved by:

* Sharing your story

* Connecting with others

* Asking for, and giving, help

* Sharing portraits from your shoot to inspire those who have yet to have theirs

We’ll also share with you:

* Exciting new things we’re working on

* New ideas that we want to try out

We would also love your feedback on how we can make this all the more special for you!

Boudoir photography by Johanna Elizabeth

Join the ‘Make It Happen’ Facebook group today!

Entry to the group is controlled, and all those applying to join must answer our three questions and promise to follow the group rules before they gain access.

Whenever you’re ready to celebrate yourself, we’ll help you make it happen!

Come and join the group and tell all your friends!

Eternal Angel portrait session

Don’t miss our biggest ever giveaway – only in the group!

Plus, now is a brilliant time to join the ‘Make It Happen’ Facebook group as we are giving away a price worth £3000!

Yes, one lucky lady will win a £3000 ‘Boudoir & Beauty’ Experience that includes:

❤ Design Consultation
❤ Photoshoot with Johanna Elizabeth
❤ All-Female Team
❤ Professional Hair and Makeup
❤ Full Posing Guidance
❤ Refreshments
❤ Full Retouching Service on request

❤ Empowering Reveal Session.

⭐⭐⭐ Our ‘Decadent Collection’ of ALL your portraits!
⭐⭐⭐ A showstopping, large Wallart portrait!

We will also have 10 Runner Ups who will win shoots worth £250.

1. Join and follow the ‘Make It Happen’ Facebook group (you’ll want to turn on notifications to ensure you see our updates)
2. Being a member of the group gains you ONE entry.
3. Gain extra entries… one for every lady you invite, who joins us!
4. Further opportunities to gain entries will be released in the group.
The winner will be announced in the group when we reach 500 wonderful members!
Terms and conditions:
Prizes are non-transferable and there is no cash equivalent.
Shoots must take place in 2021 on available dates.
You must be over 18.
Our usual studio booking terms apply.
Good luck!

Love Johanna & Team JE x


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