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Life always has its ups and downs. As women, we know that, right? We’re old enough and wise enough to know that life is not like the fairy tales we were read as children and, instead, challenges and setbacks come with the territory.

When we’re feeling at our best, we can usually manage whatever comes our way but when we’re not feeling so great, this can prove more tricky.

While we all try to navigate our busy lives and keep our families, jobs and our households running smoothly sometimes, we just can’t keep going.  We can feel exhausted, fed up and in desperate need of some respite!

If things are starting to get on top of you and you feel that you’ve lost your mojo – your lust for life, your confidence, your pizazz – then read on. In this article, we’re sharing four ways that might help get your mojo back and make you feel better!

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Four ways to help get your mojo back

1.Take more time for YOU

This first point is incredibly important. Are you making enough time for you? Does your everyday schedule include time alone – to reflect, think and just be?

Women struggle with this because we traditionally take the role of caregiver and make other people – our loved ones, our families and friends – feel good, but we sometimes forget to care for ourselves!

If you’ve been struggling to find joy in the every day, if you’re feeling run down and emotional, wishing that you could get your spark back, then schedule more time in your diary for yourself.

Even just 30 minutes per day of dedicated time to be alone and to be in the moment is a huge step in the right direction.

Whether that needs to be first thing in the morning, before the rest of the family wake up or in the evening, in the middle of the day or the evening when everyone else has gone to sleep, do commit to yourself to put your own needs above everything else.

Try and create a non-negotiable window of time each day that is focused on you and use it in whatever way makes you feel good.

That could mean quiet reflection or meditation, journaling, reading your favourite magazine or book with a warm cup of cocoa, exercise, a candlelit bath, listening to your favourite music or a podcast, chatting to a friend or something else entirely.

Invest in yourself. After all ladies, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

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2. Make yourself feel better by being kinder to yourself

Similarly, watch out for how you speak to yourself. When you look in the mirror, are you telling yourself you’re unattractive or overweight? Are you constantly berating yourself for how you handled a situation? Do you tell yourself that you’re stupid, clumsy, forgetful, spoilt, selfish?

Don’t focus on your faults. We all have them. Remember, no one is perfect.

We can be our own worst critics. So try instead to speak to yourself as you would to a friend.

Give yourself a pep talk every day if it helps. Remind yourself of things you’ve done well and recognise how far you’ve come.

Ultimately, cut yourself some slack. Acknowledge that mistakes happen, that you’re only human and that self-criticism is unhelpful. Instead, always find the positive – however small – to shift your focus and improve your self-talk.

How we speak to ourselves matters. To make yourself feel better, try being more complementary and positive towards yourself and see what happens!

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3. Be true to you

If you’re not feeling on top of the world right now, then perhaps you aren’t living your life in a way that feels good?

Are you doing a job you hate? Are you letting others make decisions for you? Are you not following your gut?

When you’re not being true to yourself, you can easily lose your mojo. So, try to take more ownership over your life.

Stick up for what you believe in, do what you feel is right and don’t let other people tell you that your opinions don’t matter.

Living a life that is true to the real you is one key thing you can do to boost your happiness and sense of self-fulfilment. Make yourself feel better by trying to put yourself first sometimes!

4. Invest in an empowering boudoir photoshoot

Finally, get your mojo well and truly back by joining the Johanna Elizabeth team for a beauty or boudoir photoshoot!

Our empowering portrait sessions could be just the tonic for making yourself feel better. It will lift your mood, boost your confidence and help you recognise your true worth.

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We promise that the time in our boudoir studio will be time well spent. You’ll have a fun and uplifting experience and come away with professional portraits that make you look and feel amazing, which you can enjoy for years and years to come.

Women who have been to us for a photoshoot tell us that it’s been just what they needed to get back to feeling like their old vivacious selves.

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Empower and make yourself feel better with a professional photoshoot

If you’d love to rediscover the forgotten you, then perhaps it’s time you joined us in the boudoir? Contact the Johanna Elizabeth team for more details and our latest availability. We’d love to help you get your mojo back!

Love Jo & team JE





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