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People often ask me, why mentor?
My response…why wouldn’t I?

I feel passionately about service, print products, my studio business and the posing & psychology of boudoir photography.
I’ve spent the last ten years building and directing and shooting in my busy high street studio, along the way creating a finely tuned process, ‘Your Journey’.™️

Streamlining lead conversion and their ensuing journey, I share where I find them and how I lovingly bring my incredible clients to the Reveal Room and beyond with passion and integrity.
Priority is my client at all times, how they feel and look throughout is key to what I do.

If I can help one photographer/business owner NOT make some of the same mistakes and help to raise the level of professional boudoir photography, then I’m happy.
I’ve witnessed and firmly fight against the currently popular ‘free shoot/free print & hard up sell’ business model, that I feel is damaging to our craft and industry.

Mentoring Rates*

Mentoring is completed at my studio OR one-to-one at the client’s business – UK and worldwide (travelling and accommodation fees charged in addition, if out of UK)
I spend time getting to know you and finding out if I can honestly offer you what you need, we won’t proceed unless I’m totally sure!
I also only take one client in their own 75 mile radius.

Modules available now, pick and choose what :
1. Studio decor, presentation & branding
2. Lead generation
3. In person sales & print
4. Social media and website review, support and advice
5. Boudoir posing and psychology

Package price (2 days)
At own business venue £2500
At my studio £2000

Message me below, I’m really looking forward to chatting with you and finding out if we’re a good fit!
Love Jo
*Please note, I can’t accept mentoring clients within a 75 mile radius of Portsmouth and Oxford.

(Image courtesy of www.kimholterman.com)