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With age, we mature and grow into wonderful women, but even though we are older, wiser and more empowered than ever, it can still be easy to forget our true value.

When life takes a difficult turn, our confidence can be knocked, and our sense of self-worth may take a nosedive.

This is why we recently asked some of our wonderful clients to think about what they would say to their 18-year-old selves, to boost their confidence, if they had the chance.

The new ‘Note to Self’ Series

We’ve collated these words of wisdom into a ‘Note to Self’ e-book and, in this new blog series, we’ll be sharing the stories in the hope that they inspire you.

Since their teens, these ladies have lived, loved and learnt so much. We felt that we could all benefit from their experiences and advice.

In this edition, you’ll meet Mikala.

Mikala’s ‘Note to Self’…

Dear 18 year old me,

Life has put you through the mill but you’re still standing and that started with you – what you already have inside.

If I could give you some advice. I’d start with it’s OK and you’re right to have a voice, and that voice deserves to be heard. No one has the right to silence you or say that you don’t have the right to speak up.

Going through things in silence only makes others think that they have the right to silence you. Your voice in this world matters and your opinions are just as valid as everyone else’s. Your voice could be the voice that inspires others, which is a beautiful thing.

Mikala Note to Self Series

I would say that it’s important that you are seen as you. You are uniquely and wonderfully made. No-one else can look or be like you. No one has the right to make you feel less than you are. It doesn’t matter what you have been through or what you have done. You are perfectly enough, just as you are.

Celebrate who you are and walk confidently as who you are. Learn that loving yourself saves you from a lot of pain. You don’t need to change who you are in any way for anyone unless you want to change.

Woman wearing pink lipstick

Finally, I would say to you that it’s OK to believe in yourself, your ambitions and your dreams. Who you are is not defined by other people, who they are or what they have done. The only person who defines you is you.

Learning to rise above the noise of everything else is your strongest tool. If you can see where you want to be and what you want to be, believe in yourself and learn to ignore those who try to drag you down.

You are worthy of love. You are worthy to be happy. You are worthy to believe in yourself.

Woman reclining on the bed with her hands above her head

Sometimes you will stumble but that’s OK. A person who stumbles, gets back up and tries again eventually gets what makes their heart happy. If you could take the time to know these things, it will make life easier. Life will be challenging at times and there will be times when you think it’s too hard, but if you could live your life believing in yourself with all the strength you can muster, you will live a life true to who you are and be happy to life to its fullest.


Thank you, Mikala!

Your words are so inspiring. Thank you for sharing them!

We’re delighted that you’re now more confident in who you are, are pursuing your dreams and being unapologetically you!

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Love Johanna, Ange & Evie



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