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‘Mindful Mastery’ Speaking 2022

The Societies Convention

SWPP ‘The Societies’ Convention 2020.
Novotel London West
1 Shortlands
Hammersmith International Centre
W6 8DR

16th March (Super Class) 9-1
“Boudoir Photography Workflow”

Johanna Elizabeth takes you through her client’s journey from booking to high average sale.

A workflow is essential to quell the panic and ensure great results EVERY time.
Learn how to create an empowering journey for your client from first contact, that instills confidence in you and her.
During this class, you will also learn an effective posing routine, using lighting and angles to ensure incredible results each time.

MUST be pre-booked here!

17th March (Master Class) 11.30-1
“Women focused photography – Body, Mind & Soul”

Join Johanna Elizabeth as she explores and explains the hidden, emotional responsibility photographers have towards their clients. With ‘mental health awareness’ becoming more spoken about in our culture, it’s important that photographers understand what is truly at stake, when a client’s experience and expectations are not met.


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