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For those who don’t know, we’ve moved!  Johanna Elizabeth is now based in Havant, Hampshire and we have said goodbye to our old Petersfield home.

It’s been an emotional farewell, as our Petersfield studio was Johanna Elizabeth’s birthplace and helped us grow into who we are today. We’ve created many memories there, but we’re incredibly excited for you to check out our beautiful new Havant photography studio!

New Havant photography studio

Since demand for our photography services has been increasing, we have needed a larger space for our business to develop.

Now we have moved into our new Havant photography studio, we can continue bringing the lovely ladies of Hampshire, West Sussex and the UK a trusting and laidback environment where we can create bigger and more beautiful photoshoots.

We have put many man (and woman!) hours into perfecting our new space for everyone to enjoy.

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Johanna Elizabeth photography studio

Hampshire boudoir photographer

We’re still bringing beautiful boudoir where we now have one large space within the studio rather than many small rooms.  This helps create ease within our photoshoots and support us with providing the stunning quality associated with Johanna Elizabeth.

Not only is our new studio more spacious, but it also has a bespoke design that we’re in love with. Think glitz, think glamour and of course, think our Rococo thrones – which have been reupholstered especially for the new studio.

In our new photography studio in Havant, Hampshire, you can also enjoy our beauty portrait sessions. These photoshoots are great to capture you at this time in your life, a celebration and a confidence boost.


Boudoir and portrait sessions at our Havant photography studio

Come and visit us in the historical quarter of Havant. You can enjoy one of our fabulous boudoir and beauty portrait shoots.

Perhaps you have been to see us already and have that one friend that you might want to offer one of our fabulous sessions to? Share the love and give the gift of a complimentary session with us…from YOU! Then like us, you can experience the warm glow of doing something lovely for someone who needs a boost.  What’s not to love about that?

We hope you enjoy our new Havant photography studio and love it as much as we do. Learn more about our services on our website and we hope to welcome you to one of our photoshoots soon!

Love Jo and Team x

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