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Hey all! It’s taken me so long to get on this! I’m ever so sorry, but I’ve had my hands full… I honestly thought having a blog would be so easy, share some cool stuff every now and then. Can you believe, the entry ‘BLOG’ has been in my diary for literally months, and months, and months. I see it, score a line through it and re write it (the word BLOG – not the blog)! This brings it neatly to why I have my hands full. She’s here! Elsie arrived into the world many weeks ago now, 7lb 11oz, in a fantastic birth of officially 55 minutes…wooosh! I can honestly say I loved it, I still beam when I recall it. It certainly erased all my first bubba’s birth memories (not so positive) and we are so in love. Especially Erin who is now a very, very proud big sister.



Long before pregnancy, I touched on the idea of how my maternity portraits could move to/evolve/involve our beautiful boudoir studios – I could clearly picture it.

The soft, natural lighting given by the beautiful sash windows, dressed with flowy window dressings.


The cosy bed, ideal for family cuddles



We’d all love – when at our most vulnerable, to have a friendly photographer pop in home and capture such an important time, goodness knows there are some awesome photographers that do that for you. The things is, we may not have the tidy home, huge windows or sets that could work artistically. At Rare Moments Photography – we do! So, back to me…..we were expecting! I knew these creative ideas had to be preciously shelved for a while, however I was adamant that I’d be the first person, with the help of my lovely TeamRM sharpshooters Katie and Emma, to explore and create something brand new and special with my bump and baby portraits. I felt quite nervous on the day of my pregnancy shoots (I had 2, of course, to experiment a bit. One darker and boudoir style, the other light and innocent) having not been the other side of the camera for years! Nicky our MUA, made me look a lot less tired and a whole lot better (forever grateful Nicky!) The shoots were exhausting, however the results were fantastic. Rachel’s extra awesome retouching skills took away all my final worries 😉 As a team, we achieved exactly what was in my head all this time, and seeing it on screen was truly wonderful. Once Elsie was here – it was back to the studio for more of the same, so so special…. Take a look at these and please do, let me know what you think. More can be found at www.facebook.com/raremomentsphotography until we update the website (yet another job on my never-ending to-do list!)




We’ve had a few client shoots since in this style, and we’re getting such a feel for this new way of shooting. I think this is something very special in our portfolio. Our familiar, studio lit, skin and traditional maternity shoots will remain an option. It’s just that from now on, there will be an option! Keep an eye on us sharing more on the facebook page….making sure you’ve given us a ‘like’. To clarify: RM Signature Maternity Portraiture £49 (rrp£149) Pregnancy shoot at 32-26 weeks pregnancy – must be pre-booked 4-6 weeks in advance (last minute bookings rarely but sometimes available!) Includes:

  • Full professional makeover (dry hairstyling and makeup)
  • Refreshments
  • Outfit changes as required
  • Family welcome (additional young siblings need an extra adult to supervise/distract)
  • 90 minute photoshoot (choice of natural light style and studio lit style)
  • 8″ shelf portrait (rrp £99)
  • Complimentary 2-3 hour newborn shoot (must be on a Tuesday or Friday daytime, to swerve the naughty boudoir antics and grab that gorgeous daylight!)

Newborn Shoot at 1-3 weeks of age (any age is fine really, we just like them sleepy and squishy-cuddly) Includes:

  • 3 hour shoot – if need be! Great for feed/nappy pauses
  • Refreshments
  • Family welcome (additional young siblings need an extra adult to supervise/distract)
  • Choice of natural light style and studio lit style
  • Only available on Tuesday or Friday daytime, to swerve the naughty boudoir antics and grab that gorgeous daylight!

Do call for a chat – we’re looking forward to making something special with you…. ~x~

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