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Recently, for the 3rd time in a month, I met men that told me that they were struggling with negative body image and expressed a desire to exist in photos.

Portraits for men

Over the years, I have often mentioned within consultations with our boudoir clients, that I believe it’s not only women who struggle with the onslaught of images and expectations we are faced with EVERY day.

I know we have created something special at Johanna Elizabeth…. an antidote – to help us embrace who we truly are.

That moment of realisation that we have a duty to men too, was a profound one.

Helping men exist in photos too!

I immediately had a vision in my head of the service we could provide and am so proud we can launch this now.

Think GQ style, fashion magazine quality, we’ve discovered the most incredible locations close to the studio and teamed this with our usual beautiful lit studio studies!

Men deserve their moment in front of the camera

So, my message…

If you’re a man secretly feeling like you’re ‘not enough’, in need of a boost, or pretty confident and keen to capture the best you. This is for you!

If you recognise this in the man in your life…this is for him.To enter for the chance to be selected for a complimentary shoot, click here. Or to enquire about a booking, reach out!

Love Jo

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