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We’ve got an update for you today – one that we hope will excite you if you’re coming to see us soon for a boudoir session…

Now, should you wish to, you can wear our stunningly gorgeous, feathered angel wings!

The wings were previously only available to wear if you’d booked a collection-only shoot, popular with our repeat clients.

Now though, every woman choosing us as their boudoir photographer has the opportunity to experience their ethereal beauty!

Fine art boudoir portraits with angel wings

Decadent boudoir angel wings

These feathered wings are an absolute showstopper!

They stand at over 5ft tall and yet they weigh barely anything, so you’ll feel comfortable throughout the session as well as look completely fabulous.

They truly are a joy to wear. They’re even more amazing in the flesh than you might imagine and are so incredibly soft to touch.

Put them on and you’ll feel wonderfully liberated!

They’ll take your boudoir portraits to the next level and will blow you away with their decadence.

Woman wearing decadent angel wings during portrait session

Let’s create stunning artwork for your home

We’d love to create you a true statement piece of art for your home to remind yourself of how bold, brave and beautiful you are!

So, if you’re ready to celebrate yourself and are looking to create artwork in an even bigger way, these elegant wings are perfect for you.

Join us for a boudoir photoshoot and we’ll create radiant portraits of you that’ll have an ethereal, other-worldly feel and that would look stunning as a focal point in your home.

  • Perhaps you have a certain area in mind that’s crying out for a sensational statement piece?
  • Perhaps you’ve had a life-changing experience recently and want to capture your incredible strength and femininity in a truly unforgettable style?

If so, a boudoir session with the team here at Johanna Elizabeth, incorporating these special angel wings, is a chance for you to be immortalised into a stunning and timeless work of art.

Printed photographs and wall art

How we style you wearing our angel wings

Paired with complementary coloured gowns, lingerie or even nothing at all (!), these angel wings will make you look and feel divine.

When you’re wearing the wings, clothes and other accessories will be kept to a minimum. If you’re brave enough to go implied nude, we promise – this will look amazing!

For more inspiration, visit our Pinterest board for what to wear and how to complete your angelic look.

Photo display box

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Rocked your boudoir session and would love to do it again?

Now that you know our news, has this got you thinking about booking in for a visit to our photography studio? Or perhaps even a return visit?

If you had an absolute blast during your first boudoir session and the angel wings weren’t available to you then, why not wear them during your next one!

The angel wings are a perfect excuse for you to return for another shoot if it’s been a while. You could get a very different set of portraits – ones with even more WOW factor!

Woman wearing angel wings during a boudoir photoshoot with Johanna Elizabeth

You may not know this, but many of our ladies do return to the studio for further sessions.

They love the feeling of empowerment that they get each time they enter our boudoir and tell us they want more!

If you’d love to relive that same incredible feeling, then why not treat yourself once again to some well-deserved pampering? After all, you deserve it!

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What clients have said about wearing our angel wings

Our ladies have told us that wearing the angel wings makes them feel a million dollars!

 “As soon as those wings are on you feel like you could do anything. It’s incredibly empowering” – Rosie


“Wow, talk about a once in a lifetime experience!” – Lucy

If you’d like to hear more of what our clients have said of their photoshoot experience, then visit the reviews page here and on Facebook.

Lady with tattoo on her leg wearing angel wings

Angel wings: Just one of our newest boudoir props and accessories

The angel wings aren’t the only new props we have for you to use either. In fact, we’re constantly adding to our boudoir wardrobe.

Luckily for you ladies, Johanna has a penchant for beautiful heels, body jewellery and lingerie! A girl can never have too much, right?!

We’re regularly making tweaks and adjustments to our studio sets too. So, whether you’re planning your first or second (or third, or fourth) visit, we’ll ensure that each experience with us is unique and nothing short of amazing!

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Body jewelley and green lingerie

What happens during your boudoir session?

Here’s a reminder of what your boudoir photoshoot will include:

  • Pre-shoot consultation to discuss your shoot and answer any questions you have
  • Professional hair styling and a 1:1 makeup tutorial, to make you feel your absolute best
  • As always, our dedicated all-female team will be on hand to help and serve you
  • The exclusive use of our spacious and luxurious photography studio in Havant, Hampshire
  • Professional artwork design
  • The creation of a variety of portraits, including you wearing the angel wings if you wish, so that you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing which ones to invest in
  • Your Reveal Session – the exciting bit! Your boudoir and angelic portraits will be revealed!

Smiling woman wearing angel wings in a boudoir photography studio set

Book an empowering boudoir session today

If you’re ready to celebrate yourself and want us to help you feel like the goddess that you are, then come and spread your wings!

Enjoy a liberating photoshoot experience and let’s create some truly dramatic images.

Contact us today. Our friendly all-female team are looking forward to your call!

Johanna, Ange & Rachel


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