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As you all know by now, when a new team member arrives at our boudoir studio in Hampshire, we encourage them to experience a boudoir shoot – not that they all have to share. 😉
Here’s our Saturday Angel Niki’s take on what we do here for you!


Rare Moments Niki’s Experience in our Boudoir Studio

I’m 30 years old, married, a mother of two, a size 18 on a good day (If I’m lucky) and I’m stood here naked for all to see and I can honestly say that I have never felt more beautiful. There is something truly liberating about being completely comfortable in your own skin, something that I have never experienced before…until I had my very own RM Boudoir Session.

As a Receptionist here at Team RM I see most of our ladies throughout their journey, from their very first contact up until their unique reveal session so I knew roughly what to expect from the shoot however, the reality is so much more.


As a curvy girl, I decided that I was going to do this shoot naked, tastefully of course, but naked all the same. I wanted to celebrate my body, to see it how my husband does, and to accept and love it as I should.

From the moment I sat in Miriam’s make up chair, I was at ease. She listened to my ideas and gave professional and realistic advice is selecting the right shades for my skin tone and hair colour. We together chose an old Hollywood style smoky eye with full lashes and big bouncy curls, after all I was wearing nothing, I could afford to go all out on hair and make up!

Niki's personal boudoir experience

Katie was my chosen photographer, we discussed my Pinterest board briefly, however I was completely ready to take Katie’s lead as I know well that her creative flair always results in stunning results and my images are testament to this.

Niki, at first, was apprehensive in the boudoir studio

Upon entering the studio, I was slightly apprehensive. It all became very real, but within minutes I was completely relaxed and was having the most wonderful time. The lighting and posing guidance is excellent and very quickly I began to really enjoy this intimate experience.

Niki enjoying her time at the boudoir studio

I couldn’t recommend this incredible service highly enough, my session resulted in feelings of beauty and empowerment. I feel a confidence and strength within that wasn’t there before and it’s infectious.

Niki's Experience in the Boudoir Studio

So if you’re still nervous, don’t be. Do this for you. Do this for the fierce and independent woman that you are and for all of the other women who are yet to do it. Help us create a sisterhood of positive body image here at RM Boudoir, we’ll hold your hand every step of the way.

NIki's nude photo shoot in the boudoir studio

Niki xx

We thank Niki for sharing her Rare Moments experience with us. Our boudoir studio is a perfect way to champion your body, so why not drop us a line or visit us at our Rare Moments Boudoir Studio in Hampshire?


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