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At Johanna Elizabeth, we expect everyone in the team to experience their own boudoir session.
A nerve-wracking experience for most, being in front of the lens for a change, gives a whole new view on what we create here at Johanna Elizabeth.
This time – it was our makeup artist Catherine’s turn!!!
In her own words……

“Firstly, I’m not photogenic, I don’t do matching underwear and I don’t wear heels anywhere else than if I’m going out, so don’t panic!


From working on boudoir shoots throughout the years it’s something I have always wanted to do myself but never got around to it so when Jo asked if I’d like to do one I jumped at the chance! I didn’t have much preparation time though, I got the call the night before!


I rummaged through the drawers to pull out the most acceptable thing I could find and packed a bag- I left out taking any shoes so that I could pick from the fab array at the studio.


It took me about 10 minutes to completely relax into the shoot and realise that Nicky- my photographer, wasn’t going to put me in any unflattering poses!


I’m so glad that I have done one for myself and would 100% do another if/when I get the chance, it’s a great confidence boost to say the least.


Just a word of warning though, the poses aren’t as easy as they seem, I did ache the next day… and the day after that!”

Love from Catherine ~x~

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