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Our photography studio re-opening policy

In line with the Government guidelines, and under the advice from the British Institute of Professional Photographers (BIPP), we have created a photography studio re-opening policy.

This outlines everything you need to know about how sessions will work after lockdown.

Woman in boudoir photography studio

We have several new measures in place to provide you and our team with the safest possible environment. So, please read this so that you’re fully aware of our current procedures.

We would appreciate your full co-operation to make your photoshoot experience both fun and safe for all of us.


Currently, it is a legal requirement to wear a face-covering in enclosed spaces, such as our photography studio.

Please note that all Johanna Elizabeth team members will continue wearing masks for the foreseeable future.

We believe that face coverings provide an important level of protection and we ask you to wear one. We are able to provide masks should you not have one with you when you arrive.

In order to provide you with a safe and comfortable experience, we’ll also be maintaining social distancing where possible too. Hand sanitiser will continue to be available for your use and will be carrying out a thorough cleaning of the studio, as before.

We’ll be constantly reviewing the Government advice and will update this page as and when this policy changes. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.  

Boudoir and Beauty Studio Photoshoots: The ‘new normal’

If you’ve been to us before, your photoshoot in this ‘new normal’ will be different from what you have experienced previously but you’ll have just as much fun!

The photoshoot experience and the portraits we’ll create for you will still be incredibly empowering and perhaps even life-changing!

Boudoir Photography studio portrait by Johanna Elizabeth

Our re-opening policy: The main things to be aware of

Your pre-shoot Design Consultation

  • All Design Consultations can take place remotely either via telephone or Zoom meeting. We’re happy with either and will discuss this with you at booking!

Before your photoshoot

  • Before your photoshoot, we will be thoroughly cleaning all surfaces/handles, as well as all props and soft furnishings. We do this before your arrival and between clients
  • Our team will be wearing masks and practising the recommended social distancing and hygiene rules.

Arriving for your photoshoot

  • As usual, we have an appointment-only schedule for the building, so it’ll only be you and us in the building during your photoshoot
  • PLEASE DO NOT ARRIVE EARLY FOR YOUR APPOINTMENTS. However, if you do arrive early, you’re welcome to drop your bags then go for a walk until your appointment time
  • On entry, please use the hand sanitiser provided on the wall
  • If you have worn a coat or additional clothing, please place them on the coat hook provided by the front door
  • Please head up to the top floor, and enter through the door on your left, where you will be greeted by a member of the team.
  • Please bring as little additional clothing (coats/scarfs etc) as possible and only one bag
  • Please bring, and wear, a mask on arrival
  • Sadly (and hopefully temporarily) we will not be able to provide refreshments. Please remember to bring your own. It is very important to stay hydrated in your shoot!

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Attractive woman with blue hair and tattoos

During your photoshoot

Social Distancing and Safety Measures

  • We ask that you maintain the recommended social distance of 1 meter+ throughout your photoshoot (Yes, we will miss being able to give you all a big hug, as we used to!)
  • Our team will be wearing masks and practising the recommended hygiene rules throughout your photoshoot
  • Our doors/windows will be open whenever possible to encourage airflow and increase ventilation
  • All our makeup artists have obtained their Barbicide Covid-19 certificates and will ensure that their safety processes are followed.

Personal Hygiene

  • Please ensure that you have showered/bathed the morning of your shoot and that your hair has been washed within the last 24 hrs (the night before is better to hold a curl)
  • ‘Client only’ toilets are signposted. We have installed an auto soap dispenser and a paper hand-towel holder, for your use
  • There are also hand sanitisers located on the reception desk and the make-up table for your use throughout
  • We will ask you to handle all your outfits and props where possible.

Your Reveal Session

  • While we know that it’s incredibly exciting to see your boudoir or beauty portraits for the first time and that you may wish to share this moment with others, we ask that you only bring ONE other person to your reveal session
  • Please ensure that you wear masks in the building
  • Please pay via card/bank transfer when making a purchase with us to avoid the need to handle cash.

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So, that’s our photography studio re-opening policy!

Thank you for reading this. If you have any questions about the photography studio re-opening policy, of course, please just get in touch.

Now, that leaves us just to say that we greatly appreciate your patience and understanding at this time and that we look forward to greeting you in the photography studio soon. We are so excited about the prospect of serving you again!

Love Johanna, Ange & Rachel



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