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I’d listened to what clients were telling me; excited about our style, sending enthusiastic emails, knowing what we could create. This started my journey looking into personal branding and business portraits, as I was receiving questions such as…

‘I love it – but no chance I’m cavorting in my lingerie.’
‘Can you create a portfolio for my new website?’
‘I need your styling – help me.’

The more I delved into the idea of ‘Personal Branding’,  I was considering how we would connect with those that need some help in the social media world with their image. It is after all, the first thing people see.

‘You never get a second chance to make a first impression’ is definitely my mantra in all things.

So, I logged into Linkedin. Jokes were cracked about MY profile picture, unprofessional and not looking remotely like the Managing Director of this vibrant business. I groaned inwardly. I needed the very thing I was excited about.

Me…in front of a camera, creating a professional business portrait.

Palms sweating, I looked at the diary and grabbed a session slot that worked. Panic! What to wear? What do I do?!

So, the day came. This is me, looking like I’m in front of a firing squad.

business portraits in Havant
I had a bit of pampering from Laura and then Nicky got the unenviable job of directing the boss in the studio – scarey!

I think we did ok…


If I’m honest….I’m secretly pleased!

I needed to make sure that we provide square crops for ‘profile images’. Before I had REALLY struggled with the idea of having my face fill an entire frame – now I’m happy for this to be out there! Go me!

Introducing my business portraits: calm, collected and looking dare-I-say-it…. professional?

If you recognise yourself in me and know you also need some professional business portraits to boost your profile, get in touch.

Let’s grab a cuppa and we can explore how I can help you project the right image in the online world!

Love Jo ~x~
















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