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You’ve dedicated months, if not years, to designing your dream wedding day. Now that the date is fast approaching, everything is coming together perfectly, but there’s one thing you still need to arrange…

You’ve yet to find the perfect wedding gift for your partner – something that you’ll present to them, in private, on the big day.

The ultimate photo gift for your future bride or groom

Here at Johanna Elizabeth, we believe that the perfect wedding gift for your future husband or bride is something that’s high-quality, deeply personal and unique.

A beautiful photo album full of bridal portraits of you would be exactly that – the most unforgettable gift! The great news is that we can now help you create one!

Bright and airy bridal boudoir portraits within a luxury photo album

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Bridal boudoir portraits in a bespoke album

Our bridal boudoir albums are brand new for summer 2022.

We’ve scoured the globe for a company that could create photo albums that meet our exceptionally high standards, and after months and months of searching, we’ve now finally found it.

What this means for you is that when you invest in a bridal boudoir photoshoot, for the first time ever, we’ll be able to offer you two options.

The final product can be either:

  1. a stunning folio box of printed portraits,
  2. or a bespoke bridal boudoir album.

Bride to be with hands tied by an ivory wedding veil

Why choose one of our bridal boudoir albums?

If you book in with us for a bridal boudoir photoshoot and choose to have your portraits made into an album, you’ll be making a brilliant decision!

Our bespoke bridal boudoir albums are elegant photo books featuring glamorous bridal-themed portraits of you. Lovingly hand-crafted in New Zealand, they are made using the finest materials and are the ultimate in luxury.

As a wedding gift, it’d be sure to knock the socks off your future husband or bride – something they’ll love now and forever!

Pearlescent ivory leather luxury photo album

What happens during a bridal boudoir album shoot?

In the portraits, brides typically wear white or ivory lingerie, stockings and suspenders, wedding heels and maybe a veil and garter.

When it comes to the posing of your bridal portraits, we can keep it nice or go a little naughty if you wish! Everything is customised to your comfort zone and ability, so you’ll get exactly the images you want from the experience.

Remember though, this album will be just for you and your partner’s eyes only so it’s a chance to really express yourself and be the boldest, bravest version of you!

Woman wearing wedding veil heels and suspenders during a bridal boudoir shoot

What’s included in a bridal boudoir album photoshoot?

Now that the albums are available, we anticipate that brides-to-be will snap this package up!

That’s because not only is it the perfect wedding gift for your partner but because it’s also an incredible all-inclusive collection offering many additional benefits:

  • An extended photoshoot

If you opt for the photo album, one of the perks is that you’ll get to enjoy an extended bridal photoshoot experience.

Quite simply, we need more time in the studio together to create a greater number of portraits to fill your album, so you’ll get more time with us!

Blonde lady wearing white lingerie and gown during a bridal boudoir photoshoot

  • A wider range of portraits

You’ll also end up with more portraits to enjoy.

To create the album, we’ll create up to 30 unique, perfectly posed bridal portraits – far more than in a standard shoot.

  • A stunning photo book that will stand the test of time

The albums are also totally jaw-dropping!

The covers are made of eco-leather and are available in a range of colours including an elegant ivory option which we expect will be most popular with brides. It would work perfectly with a traditional wedding colour scheme.

A bridal boudoir album

Boudoir album personalisation options

You can have the front cover embossed with your names, your wedding date or perhaps a special message.

It will also be housed within a beautifully wrapped decorative box – something that will look amazing when opened and that will keep your album in pristine condition over the years.

For all these reasons and more, we think that a bridal boudoir photoshoot is not only a brilliantly empowering experience for you but is also the ultimate photo gift for your partner!

Embossed bridal boudoir album with the words "always yours"

Indulge yourself (and them!) with bridal boudoir portraits

We know that you want to gift your spouse something unique, special and personalised – a wedding gift that they’ll want to keep forever and that will stand the test of time.

Naturally, you also want to gift something that reflects how special they are to you. Our bespoke bridal portrait albums are all this and more, making them the perfect gift for the wedding day!

Surprise your favourite person in the world with something THIS incredible and, without a doubt, they’ll love you all the more!

Bridal boudoir by Johanna Elizabeth

Boudoir album: The perfect wedding gift for your partner

Get in touch with us if you’d like to find out more about our photoshoots for brides-to-be and the ultimate boudoir album collection.

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