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We recently celebrated our 12th year in business – go us!! Reflecting on those past twelve years photographing women has made us realise how flippin’ far we’ve come in that time!

While we’ve always been fabulous at what we do, naturally, over the past decade we’ve been able to experiment, work out what we love doing, refine our offer and hone our skills.

12 years of Johanna Elizabeth

The leading empowerment photography studio in the UK

More than 7000 women have now walked through our doors. They’ve all left with a smile on their face, a spring in their step and oozing with new-found confidence.

Our little photography studio here in Havant, Hampshire, is also now well-known and widely regarded, and women of all ages are travelling from across the country to be photographed by us.

How humbling is it to think that the Johanna Elizabeth experience is so well sought after! It’s been 12 years of hard work to get to this point, but we wouldn’t change it for the world.

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Celebrating the journey so far

Without a doubt, it’s been incredibly tough at times (being forced to close the studio during lockdown was probably our lowest moment), but it’s been rewarding in so many ways too!

The brilliant team we have, the fabulous clients we’ve worked with, and the art we’ve been able to create in collaboration with our clients over the years, are all highlights of our wonderful 12-year journey so far.

THANK YOU for being part of it!

Smiling brunette lady looking at the camera

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Empowering and confidence-boosting photoshoots for women

As we enter our 13th year, it’s clear as crystal to us who we are here to serve…

…Incredible women who want to feel seen and empowered.

  1. The perfect pick me up!

Our luxury portrait and boudoir photography experiences are an unbelievable boost for those of you who experience low self-esteem and who want to finally exist in photos.

Stylish, classic portraits are our trademark, and we take the time to carefully and sensitively explore what empowerment means to each of our treasured clients.

Since every shoot is unique and custom-designed to your individual preferences, we can create whatever it is that you’re looking for. Please know that clothes can most definitely stay on if you wish!

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  1. A chance to push the boundaries!

Our portrait services are also for the more confident of women to have fun and push the boundaries.

Our new ‘SPICE’ style is an exciting example of women expressing themselves creatively with us in a way they might never have done before.

It’s brilliant to see that more and more of you are trusting us to take your place in the spotlight, and to really own and celebrate who you are! A little bit of spice is most definitely nice!

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Woman with tussled hair over her face and thumb in mouth

Three things we’ve learnt from 12 years photographing women

In the 12 years we’ve photographed women, a few key things that we’ve discovered are:

  • The power of putting yourself first

So many of us women struggle to prioritise ourselves. We almost always put ourselves after others.

Be honest. When was the last time you did something just for you? If it’s been a while, why not give yourself permission to do something for yourself for once?

Here at Johanna Elizabeth, our belief is that we are ALL deserving of good things.

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  • The importance of existing in photos

You’re present in the lives of your family and friends, but do you exist in photographs? Do you have portraits of yourself that you love that are a legacy for the future?

Women are often behind the camera and so miss out on being captured in photos. Or, we are photographed, but are never satisfied with the results. Are we right?

Imagine what it would feel like to finally have portraits of yourself that you love. (Hint – we can help with that!)

  • The joy of community and connection

There’s nothing that lights us up more than knowing that we have helped our clients and have been a positive force in their lives.

We love keeping in touch with women we’ve worked with.

Clients return to us again and again (the empowerment you gain from working with us can become addictive!), and this is wonderful! Having the opportunity to get to know our clients better, and to become genuine friends, is truly heart-warming.

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Two female portraits taken during empowerment photoshoots with Johanna Elizabeth

Contact us to book your empowerment photoshoot with the Johanna Elizabeth team

Whether you’re in need of a confidence boost or already have self-love by the bucket load, we have something for you here at our female-run portrait studio, and we welcome all women!

We see you. We are you! We know your struggles and are here to look after you.

We have crafted a photography experience that will celebrate and honour you in a way that can be life-changing, so if you ever caught yourself thinking that you are not enough, we need to talk!

Contact Ange here in the studio when you’re ready, and let’s begin on the journey to rekindle (or unleash) your inner fire!

Johanna, Ange & Rachel


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