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Finally, Christmas is coming to close, leaving scraps of tinsel in its wake and shelving the Pogues for another year (which may be a relief for some of us!). Now, it’s time for you to look at the new year – and as always, with a new year comes new resolutions and we, Johanna Elizabeth in Havant, want to hear you make this one promise: “Let’s be more selfish!”

Sounds funny, doesn’t it? But we are dead serious. We have heard a lot of women make a lot of excuses about why they shouldn’t spend on themselves and enjoy a photography session. One answer that we have heard too many times is: “I’ll come in once I’ve hit my target weight.”

We are not discouraging you to live a healthier lifestyle—go for it, you have our full support if that is what will make you happy! What we are telling you is to be confident in how you are, right here, right now, because to us you’re bloomin’ beautiful.

So, you’re conscious about your curves? You want to cover up your thighs? We have all been there! It’s perfectly normal to not to feel like you’re ready to walk down the Victoria Secret catwalk.  That is only one type of beauty—and just think how boring the world would be if we all looked like supermodels?

Losing weight doesn’t mean you will feel better about yourself, so it’s important that you love the skin you’re in now. So ladies, drop down the magazines, stop scrolling through Instagram, contemplating what filter will make you look the best, and start focusing on yourself. We live in a culture where it’s all too easy to compare ourselves to others, but remember: most people only post the best parts of their lives on social media.

Be selfish. Be sassy. Be sexy. Invest in your worth and let us take you on a journey, where we can show you how others see you through the power of photography. Rediscover your look with our portrait sessions or be courageous and show your wild side in the boudoir.

If you have any questions about the Johanna Elizabeth boudoir experience or our portrait sessions, we are always here if you want to reach out and talk, so don’t hesitate to pick up the phone or pop into the Johanna Elizabeth in Havant.

If you want to read up on one of our past boudoir beauties experiences, click here and read how boudoir has improved their outlook and confidence.

This year, be selfish—we dare you!

Love from,

Jo x

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