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Today we have a big cause for celebration as it’s officially our tenth birthday!

Yes, the Johanna Elizabeth team have been helping women, like you, to be brave and put themselves first for ten whole years!

Our mission has always been to help you celebrate yourself

When we started up, back in 2010, it was impossible to have foreseen what the future held and where our mission to change lives and make women smile would take us.

Yet, here we are, celebrating a whole decade in business!

The past ten years has just flown, but what we have helped YOU achieve has far surpassed my wildest dreams!

Thousands of women from across the country have travelled to our photography studio in Havant in Hampshire, and we’ve had the absolute pleasure to help you achieve stunning portraits that put you in the spotlight.

Beautiful woman during a boudoir photoshoot

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Life-changing portrait photography for women

Every single one of you ladies has been an inspiration!

Despite various challenges and setbacks in your lives, you’ve found the inner strength to put yourselves first and embrace the power within you.

Celebrating yourself through portrait photography has proven to be an empowering and life-changing decision for so many, and we’re incredibly proud to have played a small part in your journey.

Big thanks to all of you inspirational ladies!

This tenth business anniversary has only happened because of you and your unwavering support. So, a huge thanks to you all!

Over the years, we’ve become renowned for our portrait photography for women and our hope for the future is that we’ll continue to help many more ladies to realise the life-affirming power of boudoir and beauty portraits.

As we celebrate the past ten years, we’re also looking ahead to the next ten and know that whatever obstacles are thrown our way, we’ll always continue to champion women and promote self-love.

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Beautiful woman during a boudoir photoshoot with Johanna Elizabeth

Discover our portrait photography for women for yourself

Whether you’re just discovering our portrait photography services for the first time, or are a past client who would love to return for another photoshoot with our all-female team, contact us today. We’d love to hear from you!

Love Jo & team JE




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