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If you’re a parent of a teenager who’s finishing school this year, then you’ll know that ‘Prom Season’ is approaching. As a mother of a soon-to-be school leaver myself, I know first-hand how big a deal this is for our teens.

To ease the pressure that they were all feeling as GSCE time approached, I recently had Erin and a few of her school friends in the studio. We had an afternoon packed with prom-themed fun. I took portraits of the girls wearing their beautiful long flowing dresses.

Prom, and these dresses, have been pretty much all she and her friends have talked about over the last few months, so you can imagine how exciting a day it was! They finally got to chance to get dressed up and pose for some prom photos!

Prom portrait sessions with Johanna Elizabeth

Prom: A right of passage for our sweet 16s

Back in the day, when I left school we didn’t have a prom. We just signed each other’s shirts on the last day of school, and that was about it! But now, prom is huge!

A concept originally from America, prom is now firmly entrenched into the British culture – a right of passage for school-leavers. It’s a fun way to celebrate after a highly emotional and stressful exam season.

Beautiful portrait of a yong woman in her prom dress mounted on the wall

Capturing the excitement of Prom Night!

Seeing how excited Erin and her friends are about prom night has made me realise something….to not have this occasion professionally photographed would be an absolute travesty!

These young ladies have spent a LOT of money on the perfect dress, and they’re planning to go all out on the night with hair, makeup, nails and accessories and even a car to transport them to the event. They want to look perfect on the night, and rightly so!

I was always planning to photograph Erin (here she is below). All the other school leavers though – whose Mums or Dads aren’t professional portrait photographers – will surely just be taking snaps in the back garden and hoping for the best…?

It occurred to me that there’s a very real risk that those prom photos won’t live up to their daughter’s expectations nor will capture how incredible they’ll look, on what is a really special occasion as they transition from childhood to adulthood.

Young woman wearing cobalt blue prom dress during a prom photoshoot

Introducing Prom Portrait shoots

So, we have a solution! This summer, I’ll be running new Prom Portrait shoots.

At the studio, here in Havant, we’re offering you the chance to book a professional photoshoot for your daughters so that they can have this significant milestone in their lives captured in photographs.

We are all about empowering women through portraits, and these sessions will be no different. Your young lady will get to experience a professional makeup session and a private 1 hour-long shoot with me and the team. She’ll be made to feel like a superstar!

Summer Prom photoshoots

Prom portrait sessions will be running on various dates throughout July and August. This is perfect timing since it’s after exam season and before they go onto A-levels, their apprenticeship or their first job.

They’ll be the perfect opportunity for you to ensure that your daughter gets to preserve the exciting memories of her prom night in beautiful portraits, and to experience a luxury photoshoot, perhaps, for the very first time.

Five reasons to invest in prom photos

  1. Preserve the precious memory of prom

Prom night represents a turning point in a teenager’s life.

Parents often have mixed emotions as they watch their children prepare for prom night – I know that I do! It’s a bittersweet moment, knowing that your child is stepping into adulthood after having only been a small child, in what seems like, a handful of years ago!

Professional prom photos will preserve the memory of this time. Our girls have evolved into young women, literally before our eyes, and this transition can be captured in portraits for you, and her, to remember forever.

  1. Celebrate her achievements

Your young lady has worked hard and deserves to be praised. A prom portrait shoot is a chance for her to feel special and celebrated.

  1. High-quality fine art portraits

Professional prom photos will be far better than a snap taken on your phone in the back garden or on the driveway. They’ll not only be stylised, professionally posed, and skilfully edited, but also of a quality that far exceeds anything you can create yourself.

They’ll be fine art portraits suitable for putting on the walls of your home – something to look at every day with pride – and for her prom photo album.

Prom photos are a great way to celebrate your daughter

  1. Boost her self-confidence

All our portrait shoots are about boosting the confidence of the women we photograph. A prom shoot will make your own young lady feel empowered and confident.

We’ve photographed more than 7000 women over the past 12 years, and our supportive and sensitive approach is why women love to work with us. A positive experience is guaranteed!

  1. A private photoshoot that puts her in the spotlight

There’s no guarantee that the official prom photographer, who’ll be there to capture hundreds of other teens on Prom night, will create a prom dress picture of your daughter that you’ll love. With so many others in the shot or in the background, the focus also won’t be truly on her.

A private prom photoshoot with us will put her truly in the spotlight.

Professional prom photos would look great on the walls at home

Book your daughter’s prom photo session

Prom night is a milestone in a young person’s life that deserves to be commemorated in a special way.

You know you’ll want a lasting record of this important occasion, so don’t leave it to chance that a snap on your phone taken in the back garden will do!

We can create fine art portraits that will truly do her justice, so contact us to book your daughter’s prom photoshoot session today. There is limited availability, so don’t miss out!

Lots of love



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