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If you’re at that exciting stage where you’re planning for your upcoming boudoir session in the Johanna Elizabeth studio, then you’ll want to read on. This blog is for you!

Here, we’re sharing our top tips for prop ideas for your boudoir photoshoot that will help us create the portraits we know you’ll love, maybe adding personalisation in one or two for you.

What follows is a handy reminder of the different types of photography props that you might want to consider bringing along.

Why do we ask you to bring props to your portrait session?

We like to suggest that some of your portraits are personalised to you or a significant other.

IF this is something you like the sound of (be reassured not everyone does) props play an important role in achieving that for you.
They can give a glimpse of your uniqueness and individuality.

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Jewellerty props for photoshoots

Prop ideas for your boudoir photoshoot

We recommend that you bring along items that reflect the real you and that celebrate what makes you different.

For example:

  • Your signature style

Is there an accessory, such as a handbag or hat you’re never seen without? A favourite colour or print, such as leopard print, that you always wear? A bottle of your favourite gin?

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  • Subtle hints of the real you

For classic and timeless beauty portraits, an ideal photography prop could be something as simple as your favourite mug, blanket or scarf, a glamourous pair of gloves or a hand-held mirror.

Photography prop ideas

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  • Passions and interests

Are you a complete book worm? A knitter or someone who loves to crochet? Is there a sport you play or a hobby that you’re passionate about?

  • Symbolic or sentimental items

Do you own a favourite piece of jewellery that has a symbolic meaning – perhaps a necklace that features your child’s fingerprints, or a family heirloom that’s been passed down to you?

Photography prop ideas for your boudoir photoshoot

Photography prop ideas that are special to you and your partner

If your portraits are to be dedicated to someone else or are to be a gift for your partner, is there something special to them that you could incorporate into your portraits?

  • Your partner’s interests

Perhaps they love a particular football team – you could wear/show the shirt, or bring along a golf club to hint at their love for the game?

Maybe you could give a nod to their favourite band by bringing along an LP or some sheet music we could include? If they’re an avid gamer, could you bring along an X-box controller? Honestly, this has all been done before!

Prop ideas for your boudoir photoshoot

  • Yours or your partner’s profession

Perhaps yours or your partner’s profession will spark some ideas too?

We’ve had women in the studio who are members of the armed forces and the police, as well as military wives. They’ve used props such as clothing and hats and accessories, such as army boots and dog tags, to personalise their portraits. We’ve also wrapped our clients in the Union Jack!

Maybe you’re a nurse, a teacher, an author or even a tarot reader? We’ve seen a wide variety of props brought in by professional women – the options are literally endless!

  • Special souvenirs or keepsakes

Another idea is to incorporate any souvenirs or keepsakes that are special to you both.

Perhaps something from your first-ever holiday together or a ticket stub from a concert or event you went to on your first date? Your marriage certificate or a much-loved handwritten note that you and your partner have shared?

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Photography prop ideas for your boudoir photoshoot

For boudoir photoshoots, you may also want to bring along some slightly more racy accessories.

  • Accessories to spice up your boudoir phootshoot

Women often bring in feathers, handcuffs, whips, chains (just the subtle stuff). These can work really well to add a ‘50 Shades of Grey’ theme to your portraits!

Remember, this is your photoshoot and your chance to make the photos your own!

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Will you personalise your professional portraits with props?

We are big fans of using props in your photographs to add personality and to make them all the more special for you.

We hope that these prop ideas for your boudoir photoshoot has been useful to you and has left you feeling inspired and ready for your day in the studio? We can’t wait to have you join us very soon!

If you’ve yet to book your portrait session with us, simply get in touch for a no-obligation chat. Our all-female team would love to hear from you.

Love Jo & team JE


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