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Print Portraits: Why They Are Important

Sunday, September 24th, 2017

Johanna Elizabeth in Hampshire, we (unsurprisingly) are massive advocates for print portraits. Why? Quite simply, print portraits of you or someone dear to you are important to have in your life for so many reasons. Hear us out as we tell you why.

Print portraits are a reminder of who we were then and who we are now. They are incredibly significant because having something that is palpable, in your hand, that celebrates you or someone close, is a happy reminder that is unique to you.

Living in a digital era with images stored on your devices does have its perks, but being able to have an image printed and framed in your home is special. The printed photograph serves memories and if you are the subject in the frame, then a printed portrait can celebrate your worth and beauty. No, it’s not vain—and no, you shouldn’t feel embarrassed putting yourself in the centre of attention. If you are proud of how you look in that portrait, you should show it off!

Our portrait sessions can help you create a stunning image of yourself. Whether you want to give a portrait session as a present or you want to treat yourself, our studio ensures that you (or the gift receiver) are the focus of the camera and that you feel fantastic, comfortable and have an unforgettable time.

We also offer headshots, too. So if you want a new look for your business or maybe you are a budding actress, we can help you create the type of look you want to convey, whether professional or fun.

At Johanna Elizabeth, we want you to feel special and champion your body and your unique look. Treating yourself to a photography session and then having your own printed portrait will not only give you a confidence boost on the day, but every time you look back at it.

As when you have your own portrait, you can show your children, and your children can then show their children and say: “That’s your Grandma — isn’t she beautiful?”

Celebrate yourself! Get in touch with one of the women from Johanna Elizabeth in Hampshire through our website, Facebook and Instagram (follow us for the latest updates!)—they can answer any of your burning questions and book you a pre-consultation so you can achieve exactly what you want.

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