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Have you said something nice to yourself today yet? If not, we’d love for you to stop what you’re doing right now and do so!

Being positive about yourself matters!

Praise yourself!

We women can be champions at self-criticism!

If you find it so easy to identify flaws in your appearance or your behaviour, and you sometimes talk more harshly to yourself than you ever would to other people, then keep reading.

We want you to realise that this needs to change.

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If you allow your default mode to be to prioritise the needs of others over and above your own needs, and the hecticness of life means you struggle to make time for yourself, know that you’re not alone but that you could do better!

If you think negatively about yourself and often compare yourself to others, have you ever stopped to think about what impact that inner narrative is having on your mindset and self-confidence?

If you criticise yourself more than you praise yourself, little by little this IS having an impact. You’ll start to believe that your thoughts are your reality, and you’ll damage your sense of self-worth.

We don’t want that for you!

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You ARE enough!

Please promise us that if your inner critic is the dominant voice in your head right now, you’ll aim to stop this in its tracks.

How? Well, simply take a minute and find something positive to say about yourself to give yourself a boost. We believe this is an important self-care practice that we would love you to embrace in your daily routine.

Being more positive and making a habit of speaking positively to yourself, could literally be life-changing!

Uplifting, inspiring words can lighten and brighten your mood, make you feel happier and help you feel fearless and more able to show up as your very best self.

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Say something nice to yourself today

So, what we’re asking you to do is please check in regularly on your self-talk!

Negative self-talk shows up in many different ways.

  • Perhaps you groaned at your appearance when you looked in the mirror first thing this morning?
  • Maybe you made a self-deprecating comment during a conversation with a friend?
  • Or, perhaps you chastised yourself for how you reacted in a certain situation?

This negativity is not serving you!

Let’s instead recognise all the amazing things that are unique and special about you because (and this is a favourite mantra of mine), you ARE enough!

Please know that you are amazing, you are capable, you are powerful.

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Woman looking in a mirror at her reflection during a boudoir photoshoot

Positive vibes only!

This encouragement today comes from a genuine desire to lift up and empower women like you. We want to help you realise your true worth.

Our photography studio is a positive space where we make no room for negative self-talk and self-criticism!

In fact, come and spend a few hours with us for a boudoir or beauty photoshoot and we guarantee that you’ll bounce out of the door feeling inches taller and more confident than when you arrived!

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Ready to experience this incredible confidence boost for yourself?

Get in touch for a no-obligation chat and we’ll talk you through what’s involved.

Love Johanna, Ange & Evie


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