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We’re incredibly excited to be able to reveal our new ‘Signature Collection’ to you!

Ladies, prepare to fall in love!

This is going to literally knock your socks off when you see it in the flesh! It’s absolutely stunning…

Because YOU are art

You know how passionate we are at Johanna Elizabeth about creating empowering, beautiful boudoir and beauty portraits.

Our mission is to make you feel and look like the goddess that you truly are, and transform YOU into art because you ARE a masterpiece!


Investing in your own wall art from our new ‘Signature Collection’ will ensure that your portraits get the finish they truly deserve.

Mounted and hung on your walls at home, your portraits will inspire you every single day and, thanks to their guarantee, they’ll look fabulous for years to come.

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Carefully chosen by us to celebrate YOU!

The ‘Signature Collection’ features a range of stylish framing options and finishes which we’ve carefully chosen to ensure that there is something to suit every taste and to suit every room of your home.

Whether you’re after a contemporary or more traditional finish, acrylic or wooden frames, we have something that’s perfect for you!  Every single option is incredibly beautiful!

Not sure what you’d choose? No problem! We work with you to carefully design your chosen finish, ensuring they totally complement the intended surroundings.

All our frames within our ‘Signature Collection’ are lovingly hand-crafted in the U.K. and our more contemporary pieces are created in Italy.

All are produced using the finest ethically sourced, sustainable materials.

Your portrait is professionally ‘fine art’ printed to the highest standards of quality.

As a further emblem of excellence, all portraits are adorned with the ‘Johanna Elizabeth’ signature.


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Our ‘Signature Collection’

There are five sizes available within the ‘Signature Collection’ with prices starting from £850.

The wall art you choose, we promise you, will be spectacular!

Stunning wall art with beautiful little touches

Ladies, this is an investment more than worth the making, and you totally deserve this.

As a premium wall art range, the ‘Signature Collection’ is perfect for you if you want to elevate your portraits to the highest level of quality and sophistication.

Get measuring those spaces for that favourite portrait that needs to be UP on your wall! Let us help you bring your art to life with a piece of wall art to truly make your portraits shine.

Imagine this being the first thing you see in the morning before your feet hit the floor? What a boost! ❤️

For more information about our stunning new ‘Signature Collection’, get in touch!

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Love Johanna & Team JE



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