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It’s taken me a while to figure out exactly how I wanted to share this incredible shoot.

Loretta asked me to create an experience for her precious daughters, and I jumped at the chance.


As a mother of two daughters myself, I’m acutely aware of the pressure my eldest (13) is under and I protect my confident 6 year old and pray her ‘sassy pants’ character will help her weather the ‘in between’ years, when they arrive.

You see, I’m acutely aware of everything our children are bombarded with every day (not just girls) being told they are not good enough by an onslaught of cynical marketing, making them grow up too fast.

No wonder we see flashes of worry and the comments they make, when sometimes they see themselves as not being good enough.Don’t even get me started on the worry of social media and it’s dark effects!

I never speak about being on a diet, or mention when my clothes feel tight. I encourage them with non-physical compliments whenever I remember. ‘You’re strong’, ‘that’s really clever’, ‘that was kind’.

I know I get it wrong sometimes, when I tell them they look pretty. But I can’t help it, they do! They’re beautiful to me.
In that moment, that I stroke my daughter’s hair from her eyes and tell her earnestly that she’s beautiful, inside and out… is that a bad thing? The smile she gives me at those words, how can that be bad?

So this got me thinking, how about we celebrate how we look? Encourage the thoughts that everyone is beautiful? There is no conformity, all diversity is beautiful? Help our troubled young people see their value in photos, reflect and revel in their beauty.

Let’s create beautiful art that shows them, they are enough.

Introducing, Lauren & Molly!

Lauren’s words:

It all started when my mum said to me that I was going to have photos taken.

I was not impressed! I hate pictures of me it makes me feel really uncomfortable. So we travelled up so I could get my photos done and I was not overwhelmed about it.

I was really nervous, but when we got in the room Jo and Miriam made me feel really comfortable and we had such a laugh. For the first time in a few years, I actually felt comfortable having photos of me taken and was extremely happy when I came out having had a very productive photoshoot.

Then it was time for the reveal and I was not as excited as I hoped to be. I didn’t want pictures of me – I felt insecure – but then I saw the most stunning selection of photos all thanks to Jo. For once I felt confident and happy with the way I looked, I was so happy!

Thankyou so much Jo and team at Johanna Elizabeth for such an overwhelmingly amazing experience! Xx

Molly’s words:

The day mum and dad told me and my sister that we would be having photos we weren’t that thrilled. We were a bit nervous I felt a bit excited in a way but I couldn’t take it in that quickly.

The day we were on our way I was actually 50/50 as I felt excited and nervous. When we arrived Jo and her team were lovely and asked if we needed anything to drink to make us feel like home.

After we were set, Jo and Miriam took us into the room and Miriam started Lauren’s make up.  I was really nervous at that point but it helped when they were asking questions and how we were.

Not long after, Lauren’s make up was done and she started her photos whilst I got my make up done. Once my make up was done I waited for Lauren to finish then it was my turn. I felt very shy when we first started but soon after I was comfortable.

Once we had finished we said goodbye. then soon after it was the reveal we were very very nervous but once we saw them and our jaws dropped. We were very happy and found it very hard to pick but we got there soon, thank you very much Jo and her team we were thrilled. ❤️❤️

Mum’s words:

Having had photo shoots for myself with Jo several times during 2019 (and loving the results ?) my husband and I felt that our girls would benefit greatly from having a portrait session.

The opportunity arose to grab a slot at the end of the year and we took it. We were hoping in particular that it would give our 14-year-old a confidence boost (low self-esteem being a common trait of teens) as well as showing both girls how beautiful they truly are. They certainly weren’t excited at the prospect of getting in front of the camera but we knew Jo would work her magic ?.

The makeup and hair that Miriam did for both girls was perfect and so beautiful. The girls loved it too and even grew to enjoy being in front of the camera! They were tired and aching but happy and buzzing on the way home.

On reveal day both girls were nervous and the 14yr old was expecting to hate all the pictures with her in. They didn’t believe me when I said they would love them. I am happy to say that they had to agree I was right!!

It was the most amazing feeling as a parent to see their delight and hear so much joy and positivity on seeing their photos ?. They loved them!!!! So wonderful to see them struggling to choose their favourites. We also loved them all and were so delighted with the results. And that’s with already knowing how amazing Jo’s work is!!!!

Thank you Jo and your amazing team ??  We love what you have created (again!) ???

Thankyou Loretta, Lauren & Molly for your trust and for being fabulous, it means a lot!

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