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Someone once said that ‘You’ll always look gorgeous if you wear a smile’, and we completely agree!

Smiling has incredible power. When you smile, your eyes sparkle and your face lifts and brightens.

If that wasn’t enough, experts also claim that smiling can make you look younger and healthier! Plus, just the act of smiling helps to boosts your mood!

For all these reasons and more, we love to see you smile during your portrait session.

“Smiling heals the soul and fills the heart with bliss.” – Debasish Mridha

How to achieve a natural smile during your portrait session

To smile or not to smile?

If you do feel comfortable smiling for our camera, we’ll be sure to capture beautiful, beaming portraits of you looking happy and radiant.

If smiling is not for you though, that’s perfectly ok too.

We fully appreciate that some ladies feel uncomfortable smiling for the camera. So, if you would prefer not to smile during your photoshoot with us please know that, of course, you don’t have to!

Your photoshoot is 100% bespoke to you and your preferences. We only photograph you how YOU want to be photographed.

For example, in a beauty portrait session, we typically include some that are more pensive and thoughtful portraits and ones where you look away from the camera, as well as detail shots focusing on your favourite features.

If you’re with us for a boudoir session, then we also create portraits that are more sultry and seductive – focusing not just on your face but also flattering close-ups and dramatic full body shots.

A natural smile during your portrait session makes you look amazing

Three easy ways to achieve a gorgeous natural smile

The Johanna Elizabeth team have so much fun in the photography studio with our clients that we’re usually always smiling and laughing as we work!

Chances are, you’ll be sharing a giggle or two during your time with us and, if so, those natural smiles will come without you needing to even think about it!

If you feel you might need more practice before your photoshoot though, here are three ways to achieve a natural-looking smile that will make you look sensational in your portraits.

  1. Practice at home

Look in the mirror as you experiment with your smile. Notice what impact a smile has on your face and how you can achieve one that looks genuine and that you’re happy with.

For example, think about whether you prefer your mouth open or closed. Do you like to tilt your head or be photographed more from one side than the other? Where does your face seem tense?

  1. Relax!

Tensing up in front of the camera will make it harder for you to smile genuinely, so try to relax as much as possible. Let your inhibitions go and allow us to be your guide during the photoshoot.

We realise that posing in front of a camera can feel awkward, but we will help you relax on the day, making those genuine smiles appear more easily.

Trust us, we know what looks good on camera and we are here to make you shine!

Smiling blonde lady during a boudoir photo session

  1. Think positive thoughts

A natural smile comes easier if you think of a happy thought. So, if you’re not already smiling or laughing as we photograph you, you can bring on a beautiful smile if you think back to a favourite memory, a funny joke or a moment when you were having the time of your life.

Channelling those positive memories will help you relax, look stunning and feel amazingly confident too!

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We can help you to achieve a gorgeous natural smile during your portrait session

Contact us today to enquire about upcoming availability or with any questions you have about our professional portrait services. We’re always very happy to help and look forward to hearing from you.

Love Jo & team JE


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