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Sonia and her gorgeous family are valued friends of Johanna Elizabeth Studio. We have captured some milestones for them, however nothing as incredible as Sonia’s time in our boudoir studio.

Sonia’s Emotional Boudoir Journey…

“The end of July this year I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer with possibilities of complications of another Cancer. With numerous amounts of tests and other factors I received the news of just the Breast Cancer and faced surgery, chemotherapy and Radiotherapy.

Sonia's boudoir journey

This wasn’t the journey I wanted for my life. My 40th Birthday I had surgery and then faced the Chemotherapy, pre-warned I’d lose my hair amongst other side affects I wanted to mark my journey, feel like a woman again and unleash my emotions. Having been to Johanna Elizabeth previously before there was doubt of who I was going to use to mark this moment in my life.

Sonia's boudoir experience

Two weeks after my first chemotherapy, I attend Johanna Elizabeth for my session. Even after a pre-appointment I was still unsure emotionally how the shoot was going to go. Meeting the lovely ladies, being pampered with make up and put at total ease with the photographer the hour flew by, every image/pose capture meant so much to me.

Sonia's boudoir photoshoot

There was just over a month between seeing my images at “The Reveal.” A further grueling two rounds of chemotherapy and an illness that had bedridden me for nearly a week. Juliette lead me and my husband into the room, we made ourselves comfortable, spoke about the shoot/session, just how personal the whole experience had been.

Sonia's confident boosting boudoir experience

The music started, the images scrolled across the screen, I cried my eyes out, I could not believe how truly amazing and stunning the photos were. My emotion captured in every one, so different, so personal, so incredible, this is how I wanted to mark my journey and it had been, even a week on I still look at every photo/image, that can’t be me, but it is, there’s smiles, laughter, sadness, anger, joy, strength, the list goes on.


I cannot thank Jo and her amazing team of ladies enough.

I still have a long road a head on my journey, but I know at the end of saying goodbye to this disease, I will be paying Jo and her lovely team to mark a new beginning to a new chapter in my life. ”
Love Sonia


We totally agree that this image says so much. “Kicking cancer with those boots. Cancer can kiss my arse.”

See you on your return Sonia! Love and strength to you!

If like Sonia, you’re ready to give a cancer a good kick up the arse and reclaim your body, get in contact and we’ll ensure you have a boudoir experience to remember!
Jo and Team

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