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Here, we have the privilege to share with you some inspirational stories from the amazing women who have used our portrait sessions as a means to get back their confidence, no matter what they are going through.

This month, we share Sonia’s journey who is no stranger to a photoshoot with us. Last December, we had the chance to share her story and her brave battle with cancer. Sonia is now back and as gorgeous as ever!

Let her tell you her journey in her own words…


Sonia’s Amazing Return

“I’m not quite sure where to begin?! The before or after journey? To be fair, I think I’m somewhere caught in the middle, not at the start of this cancer race, but not quite at the finishing line! But I do know that due to Jo and her absolutely amazing and phenomenal team, I am that one step closer to the finishing line.

“I walked into this photography session, eyes open wide, but wasn’t expecting the session as it was—I’m classed as a regular! But the one to one, the personal touches, the getting to know you, still blows me away every time.

Portrait session and photography

“When it came to my moment, I actually didn’t think I was ready for it, I had so many doubts; the chemo weight, the hair (not being able to style the new hair), the new me, the life after cancer me, the me where you’re making a truce with yourself to trust your body again. There’s so much more from before. I thought I was nervous during chemotherapy, but these photos meant more!

“And OMG, Jo and her team did it!”

Rare Moments head portrait sessions

“For my reveal, I was told to close my eyes and walk in, so I did. My eyes opened and I can honestly say I walked into that photo shoot with my eyes wide shut, because I did not anticipate what I saw. I cried tears of so much joy and happiness. This wasn’t me, this was not me! I loved the photos, every single one!

“I’m just me, and I’ll continue to be me, but with a happy and open heart. It’s not often you fight for your life. I did. I did with cancer, but Jo and her amazing team helped me with beating the first part, helped me deal with so much more. Second part done and I’m hoping to say: “There will be the grand finale!”

Rare Moments portrait sessions with Sonia

Wow, Sonia! Thank you sharing. You are a true inspiration. We are in love with your images – absolutely beautiful!

Are you battling an illness and feel like it’s trying to take the best of you? Take back your body with our portrait sessions. We promise the experience will help you reclaim your confidence and shine in front of the camera!

If you have any questions about our portrait sessions and how they work, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with a member of our team. You can pop into our studio in Havant, where we can put the kettle on and have a chat, or if it’s easier for you, you can also drop us a message on our Facebook page or through our website.

Love from,

Jo and Team ~x~

1 thought on “Sonia’s Amazing Return!

  1. Aww Ive got tears in my eyes after reading that! I am so happy to see that Sonia has been back to the studio to continue documenting her journey! And WOW! These portraits are stunning, and I love the hair! And that the boots have also made a come back! <3 xx

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