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Boudoir lovers rejoice! We’ve something new, exciting and incredibly SPICY, launching in the very near future!

Yep, have you heard the news? We will soon go live with our brand-new subscription service on the membership platform Patreon, with Empowered!

What is Patreon?

Patreon is an online subscription platform that will finally give us a way to share with you more of our empowering boudoir and beauty-style portraits.

The whole idea is to be able to give you unrestricted access to the Johanna Elizabeth portraits you love, as well as to other goodies (keep reading to find out what those are).

More than 250,000 creators use Patreon. It’s an online hub where they provide exclusive access to their work and are able to build a deeper connection with their communities. We will soon be offering this to you!

Woman wearing lingerie and suspenders photographed from behind

Exclusive and no-holds-barred boudoir photography and more

Join us over on Patreon as a subscriber from 1st February 2023!

You’ll enjoy exclusive access to our extensive and growing library of breathtaking beauty and boudoir portraits, including extra spicy content we cannot share elsewhere and the warm glow of supporting our life’s work, as artists, life changers and light-bringers.

PLUS, subscribers will benefit from exclusive behind-the-scenes content, VIP goodies, subscriber-only content, special offers and much more!

Who is the Patreon subscription for?

This is something we’ve created especially for you, our followers.

For so long we’ve wanted to reveal more of the stunning, and often daring, portraits we create, but have been unable to share them on traditional platforms without the risk of being taken offline and penalised.

As you know, our portraits are artistic, classy, and instantly recognisable since they are done in our trademark Johanna Elizabeth style. Everything we create is crafted from a desire to support and empower women like you.

Patreon finally gives us a platform where we can share what we want. There’ll be no more censoring of our images – yay! And, believe us, you WILL want to see what we have to share with you!

How will the Johanna Elizabeth Patreon subscription work?

They’ll be two Patreon tiers to choose from so you can select the level of support you would like to commit to on an ongoing basis.

You’ll choose either the ‘Devoted’ package, which will be just £3 per month plus VAT so it’s super affordable or the ‘Empowered’ package for just £12 per month.

Johanna Elizabth Patreon


  • Devoted

By signing up for the Devoted Patreon package for just £3 per month, you can support us in our mission to empower more women. Think of it as a way of showing your appreciation for what we do.

You’ll also get access to subscriber-only podcast content (launching in February), and have all future shoot fees paid by us (saving you £250 each time)!

  • Empowered (and uncensored)

The Empowered tier will give you:

  • Digital downloads
  • Blog Posts
  • Uncensored access to our more daring and revealing ‘SPICE’ and risqué portraits- as they DESERVE to be seen & celebrated!
  • Extended episodes of our coming-soon podcast
  • Client Shoot Features
  • Behind-the-scenes content
  • Videos
  • Merch Access
  • All shoot fees are covered by US!

Woman wearing high heels with the heel caught on her G-string

Support us on Patreon

So, what are you waiting for? If you love the idea of getting exclusive access to more of the portraits we create and becoming part of this, keep your eyes peeled for more information in the coming weeks. Soon it will be time to get yourself over to Patreon and subscribe!

We would love for you to be one of the first to join us on this exciting journey, and for you to support us in a way that will allow us to keep creating more of what you love.

Remember, by subscribing, you can support our mission, get closer to us than ever before and get access to our more risqué images, exclusive content and the full range of subscriber benefits. What’s not love about that?!

Woman wearing lingerie stretching arms above her head reclining on a bed

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Get ready to subscribe in February 2023!

We are so looking forward to sharing far more than you see on our other platforms. What a club to be in!

Keep an eye on our social channels for the link to join from the 1st of February.

This is HUGE and we can’t wait! We hope you can’t either!

Jo, Ange & Rachel


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