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Every year at Johanna Elizabeth, we get together, get creative and have a blimmin good laugh….
It’s SO much fun!

In true ‘Team’ style – we had to really pull it out if the bag this year.
We choose ‘Fairytale and Fantasy’ and let loose with the ideas.
We had to select a genre and decided that our very own style fitted perfectly, dramatic and simply beautiful.

Special thanks to:
Jon from www.facebook.com/covetpetersfield for stunning, specially designed and hand made head dresses.
Nikki from www.facebook.com/Glamragzz for the perfect wings.
All our friends and families for their dedication and skill in creating the most incredible costumes.
Team – we rocked it!

Please enjoy our short film….

Wishing a fabulous Christmas and a beautiful 2016 to you all!
With love from Jo, Rachel and Team

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