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Here’s the latest instalment in our new Boudoir Series, focusing on some of the INCREDIBLE journeys our clients have faced and are facing.

We aim to share, inspire and celebrate their strength and touch on how their boudoir photoshoot with Johanna Elizabeth had a positive impact on their journey.

Jane, you’re an inspiration!

Jane’s story…

“How did I end up having a boudoir shoot for my 60th birthday??

Well… As a child I was the ginger kid with pale skin who got a fair bit of taunting. As a teenager I was desperate to be tanned and glowing but always ended up looking like a tomato with my sensitive skin!

So when it came to hormones and trying to get attention from the opposite sex, I was just grateful for anyone who showed a glimmer of interest!

I was desperate to feel wanted and loved

Consequently, this led to a hideous amount of me moulding myself around my current boyfriend’s interests. I kind of became a chameleon all out of a desperate need to feel loved and wanted, which I guess is at the core of all of us.

When I moved down south 25 years ago, I had only been here for 11 weeks and had a 3-year-old and 8-month-old baby. I didn’t know anyone. I wasn’t working and had no family here.

When I came home from shopping one day, there was a note on the kitchen table from my then-husband saying he had left me. The sheer blind panic that followed was something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

I was terrified but, when I look back, I now realise that I was scared of being on my own because I had been in one relationship after another for most of my life.

I literally begged him on my hands and knees to come back even though I knew deep down we were not right for each other.

A marriage breakdown and years of pain

Following this, I had about 15 years of severe episodes of abdominal pain which resulted in me eventually seeing a professor in Gastro at The Royal Free Hospital in London. I was told that the pain I had been feeling (which had required many hospital admissions) was due to the breakup of my marriage.

I was furious as could not believe it, but it turned out to be true!

We are all good enough!

I believe that we all need to be taught in school that we are unique wonderful beings with our own strengths, whatever they may be. It’s taken me many years to realise it myself, but we ARE good enough just the way we are!

Finally doing something for me

Fast track to 2020, and I found Johanna and took the plunge to do something just for me. I felt that it was a now-or-never moment and, on reflection, one of the best things I’ve ever done!

I was a nervous wreck before the shoot, but with lots of patience and some good humour and the most amazing hair and makeup, I eventually got the confidence to strut my stuff!!

I had no idea what the photos would turn out like but the reveal was just incredible. I could not believe what Jo had achieved from little old me!

So many stunning images to choose from!

The variety of images Johanna creased was astounding. I literally loved all of them!

My favourite is this black and white one. I feel it shows me as a strong, fierce woman who has survived and, despite never really believing she was good enough, has finally realised she is!

Hallelujah! ❤️”


Congratulations Jane!

Jane, you’re amazing, thank YOU for sharing!

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Jo, Ange & Evie

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