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Today we bring you another instalment in our new Boudoir Series, focusing on some of the INCREDIBLE journeys our clients have faced and are facing.

We aim to share, inspire and celebrate their strength and touch on how their boudoir photoshoot with Johanna Elizabeth had a positive impact on their journey.

So, here’s Josie and her inspirational journey. Josie, you’re amazing!

The Boudoir Series - Josie

Josie’s story….

January 2019, I’d just turned 28, my girl was 8 months, my little boy was 19 months and my world came crashing down. My family split.

I lost myself and all that I knew. I became a shell, going through the motions for my kids. I lost so much weight it was scary, but I just couldn’t eat I felt so sick. I had no time to think until the kids went to bed and then I would be bombarded with self-loathing thoughts.

Was it me? It must have been me, I felt I wasn’t good enough. That sat with me for a few months. Until one night I couldn’t take it anymore, that was my limit. I tried to take my own life. I wanted out. 


I was saved by my children’s father, but it wasn’t this that changed my mind. I started taking antidepressants, saw a counsellor and began to work on my self-esteem to try and beat the demon that shouted all those nasty things when I looked in the mirror.

There was no doubt I hated myself, I was scared I’d be alone forever, but also was not ready to meet anyone new. 

One evening, after a few glasses of wine, I entered a competition on Facebook and I won. I got a photoshoot, a boudoir photoshoot. I’d always secretly wanted to do these, but never had the courage!

Boudoir photoshoot at Johanna Elizabeth

A confidence boost

With some kind, persuasive words over the phone and a confidence boost, I booked in. I had no idea what to expect.

The whole process built me more and more. Each time I got a new set of lingerie, new eyelashes, the bodysuits, I got that scared, but excited feeling! I started to feel like I would be able to get at least one photo I thought was alright. 

Josie's boudoir photoshoot with Johanna Elizabeth

I loved every minute of the photoshoot!

Come shoot day I was a trembling mess, but as soon as the girls got me talking during hair and makeup, I was as cool as a cucumber.

Then I put my first outfit on. I had a huge rush. I caught myself in the mirror and I heard my demon shout “woaaaahhh! Go get it girl!” That was that. I put my all into it and I loved every single second of it! (I now see why models love their job!)

Beautiful boudoir portraits

An emotional day!

To say my reveal was emotional would be an understatement. I couldn’t even step inside the room for a good few minutes. I just cried, but Ange took such good care of me – Thank you!

Never mind just having one that I thought was alright; I picked 12!! TWELVE pictures of me, half-naked, some fully (modestly covered I’ll add) and I just grew from thereon. 

Boudoir photography by Johanna Elizabeth

A brilliant reminder that I am enough!

Each time I change over a photo or see it in my box, I smile. I puff up my chest a little, I may even do a little dance, just because I am that bad boss lady in those pictures.

I am the one who overcame those demons. I am the one who is still here today and rocking it. I am enough.

Confidence boosting photography

Thank you ladies for helping me find my inner Beyoncé, my sexy, my fire. For helping me love me again and seeing that I am beautiful! It’s far from just a photoshoot. For me, it was life-changing and I’d do it all again in a heartbeat! You’re all just so amazing and you really do get it!  I’m eternally grateful!”

Congratulations Josie

Thank you Josie for being brave and sharing your story. We are so pleased we’ve helped you find yourself again!

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