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Here’s the latest instalment in our new Boudoir Series, focusing on some of the INCREDIBLE journeys our clients have faced and are facing.

We aim to share, inspire and celebrate their strength and touch on how their boudoir photoshoot with Johanna Elizabeth had a positive impact on their journey.

Tanya, it’s hard to describe how proud we are of you!

Tanya’s story…

‘You are beautiful as you are and I only make beautiful children!  Don’t compare yourself to others’. This was something I remember my mother saying to me from a young age.

However, comparing myself and projecting negativity towards my body became second nature.

I spent years criticizing everything that I was. My flaws were overwhelming and I allowed them to define me. I was unkind to myself and allowed others to knock me down. Gradually over time, my confidence broke and I lost my voice.

I felt deflated and worthless. Beautiful wasn’t a word I could distinguish.

Taking back control

I decided to take back control! I remember the moment I came across Johanna Elizabeth online. I sat reading the journeys of these incredible women displayed so beautifully on my screen.

Everything so organic and real! Truly inspirational stories. I was engrossed.

I adored their mission and the way they portrayed women power. I wanted to discover my inner goddess too! I wanted to fall in love with myself.

My journey with Johanna Elizabeth

I entered a competition for a free boudoir shoot, at the time I thought nothing more. The next day I had received an email telling me I had won. My heart was pounding, was this really happening?!

Not too long after I was on the phone to Ange, she listened so intently and I felt a connection with her like she was a sister. She got it. My journey had begun and my voice was heard.

The boudoir photoshoot

As I drove over to the studio I was consumed by my thoughts. I was already giving up on myself.

I walked into the studio feeling vulnerable and nervous. I felt sick. The moment I met the Jo, Ange and Helen though, I was immediately at ease. I felt a warm, kind energy radiating off them. My negative thoughts were now full of anticipation, hope and excitement.

As Jo guided me through the day, I absorbed her positive, soothing energy.

Discovering my inner strength

As she took my picture, I felt more and more comfortable, confident and sexy. I felt like a woman.

Jo’s attention to detail was so beautifully perfected, everything from a finger tip to a heel point. Nothing was missed.

She pushed me beyond my boundaries and I discovered my inner strength, my inner goddess.

Brave, empowered and proud!

I had the most incredible experience! I didn’t want the day to end.

I left the studio feeling brave, empowered and proud! I couldn’t wait for the reveal.

The photo ‘reveal’

Two weeks later the wait was finally over. I was back at the studio for the reveal. A wave of emotion took over when i saw the excitement on Ange’s face. I had no idea what I was about to endure.

She held my hands and walked me through the room to me. I opened my eyes and I froze. I was speechless and, wow, did I cry!

There I was. Tears streamed down my face as my eyes settled on the images Jo had so perfectly taken. She had captured me in ways I never dreamed possible.

I was in complete awe of everything we had achieved together. I felt so proud! IT WAS ME! I loved them!

Love yourself first, everyone else can wait

My journey of self-love has only just begun. When I have my weaker moments, these photos will always be my special reminder of my inner strength. They will remind me to be kind to myself, to always accept myself and to remember that I am exactly where I am meant to be.

I am me and that is all I need to be.

In a world where you can be anything, choose kindness

I want to say a huge heartfelt thank you to Jo, Ange and Helen. You ladies helped heal broken parts of me. You helped me to become a stronger, more courageous version of myself. Never again will I allow my flaws to define me.

To say it has been an emotional journey is an understatement!

You are true angels and you have left a wonderful, beautiful imprint on my heart! You will always have a special place in my life! Thank you for everything you have given to me.

An incredible experience

I hope by sharing my journey with you, it will encourage others to do something truly unique and empowering and an incredible life experience.  It has been an honour and a privilege.

I finally understand acceptance, that our flaws make us unique and our scars tell only our story and that’s our propagative!

All my love Tanya xxxxxxx

Beautiful Tanya!

Thank you so much, you absolutely rocked it.

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Jo, Ange & Evie


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