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Have you recently got engaged? If so, huge congrats!

We guess you’ll be wanting to celebrate in a big way, and quite right too! This is HUGE news and a life-changing time for you!

Before you get stuck too deeply into your wedding planning though, keep reading.

We’ve pulled together some brilliant suggestions of luxury experiences for couples to do before they tie the knot.

Why? Well, we know from experience how quickly this phase passes.

Celebrate your engagement in style!

Yes, the wedding day itself is the big event but we also know how important it is to savour this moment as well.

The feeling you get from knowing that you’re engaged to the partner of your dreams is one of life’s greatest highs, but the time will fly by once you get stuck into the wedding planning.

So, do yourselves a favour and take some time out now to enjoy some or all of these luxury experiences before your wedding day.  You’ll want to thank us later if you do!

Woman standing near a large window wearing white lingerie and a wedding veil

Six things to do before your wedding day

  1. Throw an engagement party

Who doesn’t love a party? At team JE, we certainly do!

An engagement party’s a brilliant way to celebrate your plans to tie the knot. You and your partner’s close friends and family will no doubt all be thrilled about your engagement news and will relish the chance to party with you!

You can also introduce members of your family to your partner, and vice versa, at the party.

If they haven’t had the chance to meet yet, this should help to break the ice and make everyone feel more comfortable around each other on the wedding day (especially when squeezing together for those family group photos!)

  1. Have an engagement / couples photoshoot

Another way that you could celebrate your engagement is by having a couple’s photoshoot.

Here at our photography studio in Havant, we regularly photograph newly engaged couples as well as those celebrating a wedding anniversary.

The couples portraits we can create will capture you both as you are now, before your wedding, and will be lovely to look back on in the years ahead.

Couples boudoir photography

In our photography studio, we can create timeless, flattering portraits of you both, together and separately, as well as more intimate couples’ photos.

A couples boudoir shoot is a chance to show your love for one another.

Give us a call if you’re interested in having us create engagement portraits of you and your partner – we’d love to help!

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Couple seated closely together and about to kiss

  1. Design your wedding bands

Bespoke wedding bands would also add a luxury touch to your wedding celebrations.

If you love to idea of designing a customised ring for your partner, then we recommend that you start by checking out Pinterest for some wedding ring inspiration.

Then, once you have a firmer idea of what you’re after, visit jewellers in your area who can help you to design and craft a bespoke ring exactly to your taste and budget.

  1. Plan your hen / stag parties

We couldn’t miss this one out! The ritual of having a party in the days or weeks before your wedding is another tradition that’s been around for a long time.

Add a luxury touch by choosing a fine hotel or even an international destination as your base for the evening or weekend and let your hair down!

Celebrate with your friends and revel in the pre-wedding excitement. This is your time so enjoy it!

  1. Have a bridal boudoir photoshoot

A bridal boudoir photoshoot is another luxury experience that you may want to consider doing before your wedding.

These sessions are different to our regular boudoir shoots because they’re only for brides-to-be, and because you’ll typically wear white or ivory lingerie and gowns, your bridal heels and perhaps even a wedding garter or bridal headdress.

Bridal boudoir by Johanna Elizabeth

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These sessions are all about making you feel great in the weeks or months ahead of your wedding.

Your boudoir photos will give you an incredible confidence boost so that you’ll be ready to strut down the aisle like a queen on the day of your wedding!

Plus, they would make a brilliant gift for your partner, either before the wedding or as a wedding gift to present to them on the day. Show them who they’re marrying and make them want you all the more!

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Blonde lady wearing white lingerie and gown during a bridal boudoir photoshoot

  1. Plan a pre-wedding escape together

Our final recommendation is to plan a holiday together before your wedding.

While this may seem like a luxury since you’ve got your honeymoon coming up, we highly recommend that you just take some time to connect and be together in the weeks or months before your wedding day.

The logistics of planning a wedding can become pretty intense at times, so you might love having some time away together to focus on each other and nothing else!

Whether you choose to stay local, travel to your favourite UK holiday destination or go abroad, do use it as an opportunity to reconnect and relax together.

Couples boudoir photoshoot by Johanna Elizabeth

Things to do before your wedding day

Hopefully, these engagement celebration ideas and things to do before your wedding day have inspired you? We’d love to know which of these you’re thinking of doing.

Comment below to let us know.

Remember, if you love our idea of either a couple’s photoshoot or a bridal boudoir photoshoot, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with our friendly team and let us know what you’re planning.

We can’t wait to hear all about it!

Johanna, Ange & Rachel



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