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This week, RM Signature Children’s Fine-Art Portraiture, was born!

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015

It’s been a very exciting week here at headquarters, with a special launch of an entirely new brand!
RM Signature is the new name given to our Director’s inspired style of children’s portraiture.

We asked Jo to tell us more about it in her own words…

“I’ve not long ago had baby number 2, and have been keen to capture both children in a ‘different’ way.
As a parent I wanted more than the portraiture I offer my clients. Don’t get me wrong, I adore my usual styles…I just wanted something edgy!
I was shopping one day and an advertising image of two pensive children dressed in a beautiful, ethereal outfits (think bridesmaid/pageboy) and it just floored me. I felt quite emotional, so much soul in their eyes.
So far away from the laughter and giggles we elicit and aim to capture as portrait photographers.

I couldn’t stop thinking about it, an idea started to grow.
I hunted for some dresses that I thought would be perfect… discovering that Monsoon’s huge range of such pretty beaded vintage style dresses hit the spot perfectly.

I asked Laura, one of our talented makeup artists to lend a hand with hair and styling and assist generally.
So. Much. Fun!

I knew my eldest could nail that look…


However, could my toddler? Totally, although I’m sure that was a one shot fluke before she refused to do anything 😉


So, I shared across social media. Clients went bananas. So much love for this.

Yet again, like our maternity portraiture being inspired by my youngest’s journey… she’s inspiring us again!
Could we offer this to everyone? I know I could shoot this everyday. I’m in love!

Images from our first official shoot day just blew us away. I got the excited knot in my tummy as it unfolded…just the same may RM Boudoir makes me feel…

They were so good, we decided to give them their own brand, and why not?!
So, RM Signature was born.

I’ve decided to keep these session massively exclusive. Wall Art orientated too, because I strongly feel these portraits demand our stunning range of high quality framing range.
These portraits deserve to be out, proudly hung on the wall and not on a laptop.


Portaiture sittings will be on a Sunday, once every couple of months. They will include hair-styling and a stunning range of outfits, for girls AND boys. We consider age 4 – 11 our recommended age.
We are beyond excited and inspired!”

So, please do get in touch. Sessions are available to those on a waiting list. Contact us to register your interest!
Like our fb page too, keep up to date with how we are growing and check out more adorable images 🙂


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