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We are SO excited to finally feel able to make some plans.

Please note all plans are subject to change, conditional on government guidelines, as the lock down eases!

We have been busy squirreling away tidying up the business, learning new skills and spreading love where we can!

Our MUA’s have taken their hygiene certificates, in readiness and we are creating new guidelines, to ensure we can greet you safely and ensure you have the stellar experience we always promise.

Our plans are as follows…


  • Join us in our VIP facebook group as we continue to love and support each other. Click here!
  • Shoots are available to buy NOW via our special NHS fundraiser – only £99 – Click here and grab one while stocks last!

15th JUNE

  • We will be open at the studio, at last, possibly with strange opening hours
  • No shoots yet!
  • Bookings taken for July & August (priority given to postponed shoots from March-May)
  • Decorating to commence through June (cue ‘white paint blindness’🤣)
  • Reveal Sessions as usual
  • Consultations via Zoom
  • Wall art collections via appt as usual


  • Shoots commence from the 7th
  • Consultations to continue via Zoom where possible
  • Reveal Sessions as usual
  • Wall art collections via appt as usual

We are literally hopping from one foot to another, wanting to get back in the studio.
HOWEVER, this will not happen until we feel it’s ‘safer’ to do so.
Love Jo and Team JE

For more info on government guidelines…please click here

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