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2016 has been a great year for Johanna Elizabeth in Havant. We know 2016 has had a bad rep, but we have achieved some massive milestones and continued to encourage women to embrace who they are and their unique beauty. Before we go into detail of what our 2016 has been like, we would like to say a massive thank you to our clients—you know who you are. We are your champions! Thank you for placing your trust in our hands and letting us help you on this incredible journey.

Johanna Elizabeth’s 2016!

The biggest news of this year is that Johanna Elizabeth packed up and moved to Havant in Hampshire. We said goodbye to our old Petersfield home, which held plenty of fond memories, but we were ready to make new ones in our spacious, bespoke Havant studio. Our team put many hours in to perfecting the studio, making our photoshoots easier for our clients and allowing us to have more room for different backdrops and props. We have to admit, we are still ecstatic with our new place!

Another highlight that we are proud of is our shiny, new magazine, which is full of the beautiful ladies that we have photographed in our portrait and boudoir photoshoots. If you haven’t seen it, you’re always welcome to pop into Johanna Elizabeth and take a look.


This year, we have been featured in various press outlets, including the Portsmouth’s News, which celebrated our portrait and boudoir services, and Johanna Elizabeth’s Jo has been in The Beautiful South Magazine inspiring other female entrepreneurs. It’s a great feeling to see our hard work being talked about by the local press!

We are also incredibly proud to be able to feature women who have taken a journey with us.  All of this year’s ‘Faces of Johanna Elizabeth’ have been an absolute pleasure to shoot and their strength and bravery blew our team away. Thank you to Allison, Sonia, Jo, Yvonne, Zoe, Charlotte Goultry, Lynda, Sally, Niki, Charlotte – you are all amazing!

rare moments mannequin

We have had plenty of laughs this year, too, such as our Saturday Selfies, recreating our own mannequin challenge and our recent Halloween-themed competition, where we encouraged you to send in your Halloween photos—this year certainly hasn’t been short of good fun!

We know it’s hard being a woman. Most women these days are juggling their jobs and taking care of the kids and the home, so it’s no surprise that we find it difficult to make time for ourselves. As you know, it is our mission to celebrate all body types, all looks, and boosting all women’s confidence. You deserve to be happy and we believe you should put aside some “me” time.

If you want to make a boudoir and portrait photoshoot as part of your new year’s resolution, get in touch with a member of our team today through Facebook or our website and we will be happy to have a chat and make your resolution a reality.

Love from,

Jo ~x~

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