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With the date set for your boudoir portrait session at Johanna Elizabeth, you’ll now want to start planning for the big day!

If you’re not sure what you need to bring along, rest assured, at every stage of the process we are here to help and guide you.

We’ll give you advice and tips well in advance on what you should bring to your boudoir photoshoot. We have this and other articles on our blog which will also give you a head-start.

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Planning your boudoir photoshoot look

We’ll encourage you to do plenty of research before the photoshoot. This will allow you to firm up in your mind what type of boudoir portraits you’d like us to create.

Every woman is different and we’ve done a variety of things in the studio. While we have endless creative ideas for how to make you look and feel fabulous, we are open to hearing yours too!

Boudoir photoshoot at Johanna Elizabeth

We have a Pinterest board showing examples of portraits we’ve created for other women, and you can use these as a reference when deciding what boudoir look you love. These show a variety of lingerie, boudoir poses and themes, as well as boudoir hair and make-up ideas.

Simply pin your favourite images to a board within your own Pinterest account (or, if you aren’t familiar with Pinterest, save them to your phone) ready for when we get together to talk through your ideas.

Using this research time well, ahead of your shoot, will ensure that you’re clear on what you want from your time with us. Sharing that vision with us will ensure we create the portraits you want and will love.

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Boudoir checklist: What you should bring to your boudoir photoshoot


1 – A make-up-free face

If you possibly can, please come to the studio without makeup on so that we have a blank canvas to work with. If not possible, please wear only light makeup which is easily removed when you arrive.

You don’t have to bring your own make-up (unless there are a certain set of eyelashes that you want or you have allergies to make-up), but we do suggest you explore the different styles you would like to emulate. You may want a dramatic Hollywood look or, if you don’t like heavy make-up, a lighter boho style could look perfect!

Whatever your preference, our professional make-up artist will give you a flattering look that enhances your features while still making you look like ‘you’.

2. Clean, un-styled hair

Please ensure that you have freshly washed un-styled hair so that we can create the look you want here in the studio. We’ll discuss in advance how you’d like your hair styled on the day.

3. Two sets of your favourite lingerie

We recommend that all our clients enjoying our boudoir experience invest in two well-fitting and confidence-boosting lingerie outfits. Bring along sets in colours that suit your complexion so that we can create a variety of looks.

Push-up bras, snug tank tops and corsets all give good boob support so are among the best things to wear for a boudoir photoshoot!

For the bottom, think thongs or cheeky pants/shorts. We love vintage lace, silk robes and negligees! Trust us, you will look fabulous wearing them!

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4. Stockings maybe?

Whether you opt for stockings or choose to bare your legs is completely up to you but if you are bringing these along, we suggest you bring a couple of pairs in case of any rips and ladders. Also, consider bringing both dark and nude tones, depending on your outfit.

Lingerie is a must for you to bring to your boudoir photoshoot

5. Heels

Heels look great in the boudoir! A dark and a light pair gives us options to play with, and the higher the better. They work wonders for lengthening your legs and creating a flattering look.

Bring along your favourite pairs, ensuring that they are in good condition so that they’ll look good on camera. We also have many pairs you can borrow.

6. Jewellery and Accessories

We have a large range of accessories in the studio that you are welcome to use during your session, but if you have your own favourites then do bring those along.

In terms of jewellery, rings, necklaces, pearls and statement earrings look amazing on camera!  Don’t forget that it’s these small touches that can make a big impact in your portraits.

Statement jewellery - An essential to bring to your boudoir photoshoot

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Boudoir Checklist: Optional Extras

7. False eyelashes

A great set of false eyelashes will be sure to make your eyes pop in your portraits! If you’d like to wear these, our make-up artist can fit these on for you but, of course, they are a completely personal choice.

8. Hair extensions and accessories

You are always welcome to bring your own hair accessories. If you plan to wear extensions in your hair, please ensure these are styled and ready to use.

9. Props

Depending on your personality and the look you want to create in your portraits, you may want to bring along props such as a favourite hat, robe or book, for example, plus any sentimental or personal items that you’d like us to include.

Bring hats and favourite accessories to your boudoir photoshoot

Ladies who’ve been to the boudoir before have brought along everything from feathers and favourite handbags to golf clubs and even Xbox controllers! We’ve seen it all!

Remember, this is your photo shoot and your chance to make the photos your own!

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10. Loungewear

Loungewear is also worth bringing along, if you have it, so that you have something comfortable to slip on between shots.

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What are the best things to wear for a boudoir photoshoot?

When it comes to what you should bring to your boudoir photoshoot, there are a few essentials we recommend. We hope that this boudoir checklist has been helpful as you plan what you should wear.

The truth is… anything goes! Just remember to make it about you.

All this and more will be planned in your pre-session chat, but if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’d be happy to help.

Love Jo & team JE


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