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So you have decided that you will invest in yourself and start your boudoir journey. Well done! At Johann Elizabeth, we know you have many questions concerning your photoshoot and no doubt there is one in particular: what to bring to a boudoir shoot?

Hair & Make-Up

Before your shoot, we will advise you to set up a Pinterest page, where not only can you collect ideas for lingerie, poses and themes, but you can also select hair and make-up looks you would like to create on your shoot. On the day, our professional make-up artist can advise what looks will suit you best. You don’t have to bring your own make-up (unless there are a certain set of eyelashes that you want or you have allergies to make-up), but we do suggest you explore the different styles you would like to emulate, whether it’s a dramatic, Hollywood look or if you don’t like heavy make-up, a lighter, boho style could look perfect!

what to bring to a boudoir shoot

Before the shoot, remember…

– Turn up with clean, un-styled hair
– Try and arrive with a make-up free face
– If you bring hair extensions, make sure they are styled
– You are always welcome to bring your own hair accessories
– A great set of false eyelash will be sure to make your eyes pop! Our make-up artist can fit these on for you

What to wear for your boudoir shoot?

Again, we can help you explore the different lingerie that will suit your complexion and compliment your poses for your boudoir photoshoot. We suggest form-fitted underwear, such as push-bras, snug tank-tops and corsets, ensuring all give good boob support! For the bottom, think thongs or cheeky pants/shorts. You can also bring in your own props where you can be especially creative and showcase part of your personality. This can be anything from feathers, handbags to golf clubs or Xbox controllers—we have seen it all!


Our suggestions on what to bring to a boudoir shoot…

– Lots of jewellery! You should think about having a selection of necklaces, pearls and statement earrings
– We love vintage lace, such as silk robes and negligees! Trust us, you will look fabulous wearing them
– You can also think about having one natural, classic outfit that will look timeless in your photographs. Gorgeous!

All this and more will be planned in your pre-session chat!
So, if you have any more questions, please get in touch with us through our website or Facebook and we will be happy to help.

Love from,

Jo & Team ~x~

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