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Some of our clients have asked specifically for white sheet photoshoots, which are beautiful to capture and so much fun! However, we usually mix a white sheet pose within your boudoir photoshoot—a playful pause within your outfit change.

At Johanna Elizabeth in Hampshire, we love capturing white sheet portraits, as they are timeless classics and provides you the opportunity to show your sensuous and mischievous side. The implied nudes are an aspect that people love, as it may look like there is nothing underneath the sheets, but you are able to get away with wearing nude lingerie – cheeky!

Integrating a white sheet shot in your boudoir session is a fun way to unleash your inner Marilyn Monroe. The contrast of the white can highlight your make-up and hair-colour, plus the photo captures your gorgeous silhouette, which will no doubt make your partner hot under the collar.

If you are looking for something different, you can also add a silver sheet pose into your boudoir journey.

Invest in your self-worth this year and start your boudoir journey with Johanna Elizabeth. Come and arrange a pre-consultation, so you can have a chat and a cuppa with one of our team members, who will ease any concerns you have and plan exactly what poses you want and the theme of your photoshoot.

We will make sure that you are pampered by our professional make-up artist and our photographer will guide you every step of the photoshoot.  We also know that a boudoir shoot, whether it includes a white sheet pose or not, is a big step and takes a lot of nerve. We promise never to push you out of your comfort zone and we will always make sure that you are relaxed and feeling confident. If you are looking for any feedback on our photoshoots, many ladies have shared their experiences on our blog.

Try a white or silver sheet pose in your next boudoir photoshoot and get in touch with one of our staff member’s today either through our website or you can drop us a message on Facebook. Show off your sultry side in 2017—you won’t regret it!

Love from,
Jo ~x~

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