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Your upcoming photoshoot with us is a big deal! So, naturally, the outfits and the props that you choose to bring along are important to consider and plan carefully.

We’ve previously shared lots of boudoir outfit inspiration here on the blog.

Have a look around and you’ll find articles full of lingerie suggestions as well as alternative boudoir outfit ideas if lingerie is not your thing. We’ve even written about loungewear looks we love since we recommend having something warm and cosy to wear in between shots during a shoot.

Today though, we’re paying homage to a classic boudoir outfit; one that we feel deserves a special mention of its own….the classic white shirt.

Keep reading as we’re sharing plenty of white shirt photoshoot ideas so you can see how versatile it is!

White shirt photoshoot ideas

A white shirt is a way to add effortless chic to your boudoir portraits and is a staple in the boudoir studio. Why? Because it looks fabulous on everyone!

It’s so versatile and looks great on camera, as you can see from the portraits we’re sharing here!

Keep reading for lots of white shirt photoshoot ideas and inspiration!

Woman wearing an oversize white shirt during a portrait shoot


What style of shirt should you wear?

If you’re currently planning what clothes to wear for your upcoming boudoir photoshoot, have you thought about wearing a shirt?  A white shirt photoshoot is very popular with our clients.

A piece of advice…If you’d like to wear one in some of your portraits, we recommend that you choose a white shirt without patterns, logos or details as these could date the photo.

1) Fitted white shirts

Fitted white shirts look great.

In this example, you can see the lovely cinched-in waist, the interesting shape of the sleeves, and the pattern on the fabric of this lovely lady’s white shirt.

Woman standing facign a large window wearing a white shirt during a boudoir portrait session

2) White oversized shirts

White oversized shirts work particularly well too in a boudoir shoot too.

Many of our ladies choose to sneak their partner’s white shirts from their wardrobes. (Shhh! We won’t tell them if you don’t!?)


Brunette wearing lingerie and a white shirt during a boudoir photoshoot

How should you wear a white shirt in your boudoir photoshoot?

There are so many ways to style a white shirt photoshoot.

  • A white shirt can be worn as a cover-up, on its own, or you can wear it with lingerie
  • A popular way is to wear the shirt undone, off the shoulder and draped loosely around your body. This can create a seductive, and ‘almost-undressed’ look, giving a hint of what’s underneath
  • Or, the white shirt can be worn on the shoulder, but with a few of the buttons at the top undone to reveal just a glimpse of a collarbone or shoulder.

Depending on the length of the shirt, we can also style it so that it gives a glimpse of your underwear or the top of your thighs or bottom.

A white shirt photoshoot by Johanna Elizabeth

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Inspiration for your white shirt boudoir shoot

Yes, a white shirt is incredibly versatile as a boudoir photography outfit. It’s an ideal item of clothing for a relaxed and seductive look.

We hope that this has inspired you to add one to your boudoir packing checklist.

Remember, your boudoir outfits contribute greatly to the overall look and feel of your portraits. They’re a chance to express your personality and show who you really are.

We highly recommend that you spend adequate time planning and preparing in order to get it just right.

Oh, and don’t forget other essentials such as shoes, jewellery and any props you want us to include too.

Woman wearing shirt and underwear holding red heels during a white shirt photoshoot

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Need more boudoir outfit inspiration?

Throughout our website and on the blog, you’ll find hundreds of boudoir portraits which give you an indication of our style and what we could create for you too.

If you’re looking for boudoir outfit inspiration, we’ve certainly got you covered!

Woman standing by a window in the distance with a white shirt in the foreground

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A white shirt photoshoot will help you feel fabulous!

We’ve photographed and styled more than 7000 women at our photography studio here in Havant, Hampshire and are widely considered to be the UK’s premier all-female team specialising in empowering boudoir and beauty photography.

With us, you truly are in safe hands. We have thousands of tried-and-tested ways to make you feel fabulous during your shoot and can’t wait to see you in the boudoir very soon so we can work our magic for you!

Interested in a white shirt photoshoot? Then give us a call!

Lots of love

Jo, Ange & Rachel




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