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Who is a boudoir shoot for? Who are these amazing women who dare to bare all for our camera?

What sort of woman decides to make us their boudoir photographer of choice?

Well, if you’re wondering who a boudoir shoot is for and if it might be suitable for you, then stick around.

The short answer is simply that, YES, a boudoir shoot is for people like YOU! Keep reading for the slightly longer answer…

What is a boudoir photo shoot?

A boudoir photo shoot experience is a fun and empowering way to celebrate yourself.

We may be biased, but we believe that every woman should do a boudoir shoot to see for themselves how liberating it is and how incredible it makes them feel!

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Who is a boudoir shoot for?…anyone who wants one!

Despite what you might think, there is no ONE type of person who is most suited to a boudoir shoot. There are no set eligibility criteria that you must meet to be suitable.

Boudoir shoots are for anyone and everyone who wishes to celebrate themselves and invest in beautiful boudoir art.

Brunette woman wearing a pink snuggle jumper off the shoulder

Is a boudoir photoshoot right for me?

Only you will know in your heart whether you’re ready to book a shoot, but we know that you’ll love it if you do!

1. A boudoir shoot is for you if you want beautiful portraits of yourself

If you want a selection of flattering portraits of yourself that you love, then you’re ready for a photoshoot with us!

We know that so many women don’t have a single photo of themselves that they adore – we can help you change that.

A professional boudoir shoot is also ideal if you’ve tried but always struggle to capture flattering semi-nude or nude selfies at home. We know exactly how to create photos of you looking sensational in your undies!

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2. A boudoir shoot is for you if you’re looking for a confidence boost

A boudoir shoot with us could be the exact confidence boost that you need.

If you love the idea of having an uplifting and fun photoshoot experience in a safe and all-female environment, then give us a call.

We’ve got more than a decade of experience working with women exactly like you who want confidence-boosting portraits of themselves to treasure.

A boudoir shoot is for women who want to feel incredible

3. A boudoir shoot is for you if you enjoy new experiences

A boudoir shoot is particularly suitable for women who enjoy the thrill of a new experience and are excited by the idea of being able to reveal their true self in photos.

We encourage you to be brave in front of our camera and try to forget any inhibitions that you may feel. We can then capture your personality and beauty, all while empowering you to feel confident during the shoot.

4. A boudoir shoot is for you if you like surprising your partner

A shoot with us is also perfect if you’re a woman who enjoys surprising and treating their partner.

If this is you, you’ll love the secrecy of a boudoir shoot with us, and the fact that you’ll be able to reveal your portraits to them once they’re done. How amazed they’ll be!

Boudoir photos and albums make particularly great wedding, anniversary, and Christmas gifts, by the way.

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A boudoir shoot is for women who desire flattering portraits for themselves or a partner

5) A boudoir shoot is for you if you want to do something that’s just for you

While we’ve mentioned that you might want to share your portraits, a photo shoot boudoir style can also be just for you if you wish. It’s something that you can do for yourself and no one else need ever see your portraits.

If discretion is important to you as well, rest assured. We are very used to working with professionals whose portraits must never be seen in the public domain, and only share your images with your explicit permission. Your boudoir photos are 100% safe with us.

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6. A boudoir shoot is for you if you’re celebrating something

Many ladies come to us for a boudoir shoot to coincide with a landmark birthday or an upcoming wedding or anniversary celebration.

Having their portrait taken is a feel-good way to celebrate a significant milestone.

7. A boudoir shoot is for you if you know you’re ready!

We also get clients booking in for no reason other than because they are ready and have recognised that they are worth it. To that we say, hoorah!

They are simply ready to celebrate themselves and invest in their self-worth, which is music to our ears! We love nothing more than seeing you shine!

Woman wearing white shirt and white lingerie sitting on a luxury bed during a boudoir photoshoot

What to expect at your boudoir shoot

Every UK boudoir photography studio will offer something different to the next, but here at Johanna Elizabeth, we offer an experience that’s 100% focused on you and is bespoke to suit your specific preferences.

We work with you to craft an empowering photoshoot that makes you feel fabulous and that’s within your comfort zone.

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Your boudoir experience is as unique as you are!

While some of our clients are comfortable with a daring boudoir shoot (with semi-nude and/or nude portraits), others will prefer to keep more covered up or opt for what we call ‘beauty portraits’. Whatever your preference, we’ll create exactly what you’re looking for.

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Brunette wearing black lacy robe with hand near her mouth looking to camera

So, who is a boudoir shoot for?

We hope that you now have no shred of doubt…A boudoir shoot is for YOU!

Will we be seeing you in our Havant-based photography studio sometime soon? We hope so! Get in touch today to start a conversation with us.

Love Johanna, Ange & Rachel


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