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Ever wondered why women like you choose to do a boudoir shoot? Well, there are so many reasons!

Every woman who comes to us is on their own unique journey and has their own story to tell. However, there’s usually a common thread among those who do a boudoir shoot.

They do a boudoir shoot because they are finally ready to honour themselves!

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A long-lasting confidence boost

Ladies who come to us have realised that hitting the shops, having a hair restyle, or getting their nails done can give them a short-term boost. Whereas a boudoir shoot offers that next level of confidence. Plus, the benefits are more long-lasting too.

In fact, we’d go as far as saying that boudoir can be life-changing!

Is it the right time for a boudoir shoot of your own?

We’ve written here on the blog before about reasons to book a boudoir photoshoot as well as how to decide if it might be the right time for you.

We’ve also shared many clients’ stories revealing incredible transformations that women like you have gone through after visiting us.

If you’re considering doing a boudoir shoot and want to be inspired, do be sure to check all those out.

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Empowering photoshoots for women

The most important thing to realise about boudoir is that it’s designed to be an empowering experience. In the end, that’s why most women choose to do a boudoir shoot.

While many of the ladies you see on our website felt unsure, nervous and undeserving before their shoot, they DID get past their fears and took a brave step. In doing so, they made something incredible happen for themselves.

  • They realised their worth and put themselves at the top of the priority list for once
  • They decided that they deserved unadulterated time to celebrate themselves
  • They decided that they weren’t going to wait any longer for their time to shine!

Woman wearing red lingerie

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Why do a boudoir shoot?

So, why do a boudoir shoot? Well, we hope it’s now clear!

Our clients come to us to feel energised and invigorated and to rediscover a part of them that has been hidden from view. While the needs of others around them have taken priority, their needs have been forgotten about.

A boudoir shoot for many of our clients is a journey of rediscovery and a chance to reconnect with themselves and who they want to be in the years ahead.

Boudoir photography is what we live and breathe here at team JE, and we love to help women like you realise its power.

We adore being able to play a small part in our clients’ lives, helping them to regain the confidence to take up space and love themselves, flaws and all.

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How does the idea of a boudoir shoot make you feel?

After looking around our website, we hope that the idea of a boudoir photoshoot excites and inspires you?

Yet, even if you currently feel nervous at the thought of doing a boudoir shoot, please don’t dismiss boudoir quite yet!

So many of our clients tell us that they didn’t feel ‘ready’ either. Even as they walk through our studio door on the day of their boudoir shoot, they sometimes feel like this.

What tends to happen is that once they arrive though, the nerves disappear and they end up loving every moment of their time with us! There really is nothing to fear!

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Woman on the bed wrapped in a faux fur blanket

Thousands of women can’t be wrong!

If boudoir is something you are considering, you’d certainly be safe in our hands.

We’ve helped more than 6000 women to rediscover the long-forgotten version of themselves through boudoir photography. They’ve often travelled the width and breadth of the country to come specifically to us here in Hampshire, on the south coast, because we offer something so incredible and so unique.

The result? A greater sense of self-worth now knowing that they are enough!

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Ready to celebrate yourself?

If you’re ready for a boudoir shoot and to celebrate yourself, then get in touch as we would love to have you join us in our Havant-based photography studio sometime soon. Come and discover the power of portrait photography!

Contact us via the website or feel free to call or email the team with any questions you may have about our boudoir photography services. Do also take a look at this article: Your boudoir photoshoot: A step-by-step guide.

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Love Johanna, Ange & Evie


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