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Our Studio Promise To You

Wednesday, September 7th, 2016

We all have off days. Sometimes, it’s not even a day—it can be a week, a month or more. Perhaps you are feeling this way right now…? Has a relationship breakdown knocked you off balance? Or a recent health issue has made you lose your sparkle? Whatever the reason (and we all have them) we are here to help.

At Rare Moments Photography Studio, we understand that these periods in your life can bring you down and shatter your confidence, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Together we can kick-start your confidence and bring that sassy female out to play once more!

Do you know, we’re so confident we can help you, that we have recently written you a ‘Studio Promise’. And it goes like this…


“We believe in smile lines, in inner beauty and rediscovering yourself.
Our aim is to show every woman that you are enough, right now.
That perfect is in the heart, not the mirror.
Together we will create the best photos you have ever seen of yourself.
Talk to us to help you find your beautiful.”


Do you like it? We love it! It explains exactly how we feel when we have the opportunity to work with women just like you. Don’t forget, we are here to invest in you. We want to celebrate you, champion your body and bring out the confidence that we know you have!

We offer a variety of women’s photography sessions that can help you boost your confidence. Be courageous and show us what you’re made of in a boudoir shoot, where you can uncover your inner sexy and strike a pose. But if that’s not for you, you will probably love the experience of one of our portrait sessions where we help capture you in stunning images that will stand the test of time.

We wholly recommend our photography sessions for women who want to do this for themselves. As much as it’s great to do this together with your partner, we believe this should be done first and foremost for yourself, so you can enjoy being pampered and see exactly how sexy you are!

Talk to us to help you find your beautiful. We’re situated in Havant, Hampshire and our women’s photography team are available for a chat if you’re feeling low but are ready to rediscover the confidence you know you once had.
We don’t judge, we are here for you, we promise.

Love from,
Jo and Team RM ~x~

2 thoughts on “Our Studio Promise To You

  1. Having recently come out of an abusive marriage, I have lost some weight and am rediscovering myself. I also turned 50 this year and feel that perhaps some boudoir therapy is just what I need

    1. Hi Alison! You certainly sound like you’re on a journey – we’d love to meet you and chat about it!
      Details of our sessions can be found here
      Call us on 023 92480100 when you’re ready! x

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