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If you’re ready to book your boudoir photoshoot with us, keep reading. In this article, we’re outlining what happens at each stage of your Johanna Elizabeth journey.

Naturally, you probably want to know more about what’s involved and what to expect.

Your Boudoir Photoshoot: The Process

Stage 1 – BOOKING IN

When will my boudoir photoshoot take place?

When you contact us to book in, you’ll chat with a member of our friendly all-female team.

We’ll find you a mutually convenient date and time for your boudoir photoshoot and you’ll pay the £50 fully refundable deposit you read about on the website.

We do get booked up well in advance and are often making bookings around four-six weeks ahead, so please bear that in mind if you want to have your boudoir photos ready for a particular occasion or in time for Christmas or a birthday!

If you’re keen to come for your shoot ASAP, we do get the occasional last-minute sessions become available. So don’t worry, you won’t have to wait too long after booking before experiencing the magic with us! We’ll always aim to fit you in as soon as we can.


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With a date in the diary for your boudoir shoot, we then book your ‘Design Consultation’ date.

Knowing all is booked, you can then relax knowing that we’ll take care of everything from here. All you’ll need to then do is start considering what you’d like to wear and what props, if any, you’ll bring along to your boudoir shoot. After all, preparation is key. Have fun with the planning!

Maybe you could make a start on creating a Pinterest board for inspiration too?


Once I’ve booked in, what’s next? What is a Design Consultation?

This is a relaxed and informal get together with a member of the team, usually Ange.

We’ll run through everything at this appointment. It’s a chance for us both to get to know each other better, and to craft your ultimate boudoir experience together!

We’ll show you where to get inspiration for your session, share tips and advice, and tell you about our beautiful photo products and wall art collections that will be available for your investment at your Reveal Session. It’s important to us that you feel ready and confidently prepared for the final result!

When this appointment comes to a close, and you’re 100% happy, we will take your shoot fee, you can read about this here.

Woman with long blonde curly hair looking at the camera

Help! I don’t know what outfits to choose for my boudoir session

Don’t worry if you’re unsure about the finer details of your shoot. At the Design Consultation, you can ask any burning questions you have about your boudoir photoshoot, and we’ll discover what you’re hoping to achieve, guiding and advising you when needed.

We’ll discuss the looks you like (and those you’re not so keen on), and help you develop a wish list of poses for your shoot.

The team here are experts in boudoir, so we know what looks great on camera, and how to make your portraits the best they can be. Do pick our brains if you need help picking clothing or deciding on anything to do with the shoot itself.

Elegant woman wearing a pink robe near a large window

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Simply enjoy this part of the process. It can be a lot of fun planning your boudoir outfits and looking ahead to the day!

Use the time you’ve got ahead of your boudoir photoshoot date to go shopping for lingerie or other bits. We have lots of useful information here on the website about what you should bring along with you, as well as examples of boudoir outfits too.

Lingerie is a popular choice but is by no means essential. Read this article on alternatives to wearing lingerie in the boudoir if you’re planning something a little different. Don’t forget shoes, props and accessories, such as jewellery, if that’s your jam! Totally ok if it’s not. Your shoot needs to reflect you (or your hidden goddess) 😉

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What happens on the day of my boudoir shoot?

On arrival, you’ll be warmly greeted by Johanna and then you’ll be whisked away to enjoy a spot of pampering courtesy of one of our incredibly talented hair and makeup stylists.

She’ll prep you for your boudoir photoshoot so that you’re 100% ready and feeling uber-confident in front of the camera.

After that, you’ll slip on the first of your outfits for the day and the fun will begin! Johanna will work through your chosen boudoir poses, using all the different sets around the studio to ensure you get the very most from your session.

Depending on what you have planned, you may have one or two outfit changes and Evie will be on hand to top up make-up and fix hair as required.

Your boudoir photoshoot will last a couple of fun hours and is very laid-back. We won’t be rushing you around the studio or pushing you out of the door once your time is up! We love a good natter after all!

At the end of the shoot, you’ll feel AMAZING! Why not go and celebrate afterwards and plan a catch up with your loved one/friends? You’ll be buzzing.

Savour the incredible, liberating feeling you’ll have experienced during your time with us, and congratulate yourself. You are bold, brave and beautiful!


When can I see my boudoir photos?

You’ll be invited back to the studio to view your boudoir portraits a minimum of 10 days after your big shoot day.

This is always ‘in house’ with us. We often book this in at your ‘Design Consultation’ so you know when this will be and can plan accordingly.


Many ladies, who are travelling some distance to our photography studio here in Havant, take the opportunity to enjoy a short break in the area to coincide with either their Shoot Day or the Reveal Day, or both.

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What happens during the Reveal Session?

We won’t tell you too much else about this stage here as we don’t want to ruin the surprises that we have in store for you. What we can say though is that this is another exhilarating part of the process!

We’ll reveal your beautiful portraits so you can see how incredible you truly are! Many ladies get emotional seeing their portraits for the first time, so we always have tissues on hand!

Your boudoir photoshoot prints and wall art are displayed in our studio

How do I buy my boudoir photographs?

No doubt, you’ll want to treasure your beautiful boudoir portraits, and so we’ve curated a breath-taking selection of products for you to choose from.

Examples from the full range are available to view during your Reveal Session and details will have been given at your Design Consultation. So, there are no surprises, we take great pride in that.

Starting from prices are presented on the website, so you can check before you even book!

You can relax into your selection time, knowing you have it all planned.

Wall art from the Johanna Elizabeth Signature Collection

Our mounted portraits and their collections can be seen there and then.

If you opt for wall art, you’ll get to choose from a range of stunning finishes and colours to complement your décor at home. We’ll work with you to carefully design your wall art and have your art pieces prepared to your exact specification.

Our fine art print frames are handcrafted in the UK. Contemporary pieces are made in Italy. They are a true statement and come ready to hang.

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When will I receive my photo products and wall art?

Mounted portraits and collections are available to travel home with you, there and then!

Your wall art is collected from our photography studio up to 6 weeks later.

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Good Vibes only

Your boudoir photoshoot awaits!

So, that’s it! That’s the journey you can expect when you book your boudoir photoshoot with us here at Johanna Elizabeth.

We’re so excited that you’re thinking of joining us for an empowering boudoir shoot, and hope that you’ve found this step-by-step guide useful. See you in the boudoir very soon!

Love Johanna, Ange & Rachel






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