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At Johanna Elizabeth photography studio in Havant, Hampshire, no two days are the same. We see a variety of women in our boudoir and contemporary portraits studio, who have been on different journeys and use our boudoir studio for different reasons.

Share Your Boudoir Stories With Us!

After hearing your reasons for your photo shoots, we wish that you would share your stories to inspire and empower other women! That’s why we’re asking our former boudoir beauties if they would like to share their boudoir journeys with the rest of the world.

Of course, no pressure, but we’ve had some phenomenal responses in the past about how our boudoir sessions has helped women see themselves in a different light and reclaim their body confidence—which is one of the best compliments a boudoir photographer can get, so thank you!

So, we’d love to hear your stories, whether you wanted to do a shoot to get out of your comfort zone or needed it to feel more like you again. Let us know how it felt when you stepped into boudoir—were you nervous or excited? What was your favourite part? What ideas did you want to recreate in the studio? We’d love to hear them!

Get in touch with Team about experiencing one of our boudoir photoshoots? We say ALL the time when chatting to you, ‘We can tell you how fabulous we are…but we’ll just let our reviews tell you!’

Enjoy our beautiful slideshow, doing exactly that.
Thankyou ladies!
We are SO proud…

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