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Limited numbers available!


Beautiful portrait of a yong woman in her prom dress mounted on the wall

Prom Photoshoot

  • All Female Team
  • Design Consultation
  • Professional Makeup
  • Photoshoot with Johanna at our Hampshire-based photography studio
  • Posing Guidance
  • Refreshments
  • Full Retouching Service on request
  • Empowering Reveal & Order Session (portraits not included)

All this for £99
(Fee donated to our nominated charity)

Images start from £150
(Scroll down for special Collection Guide)

The shoot fee is taken at booking and immediately becomes a charitable donation.

Just loved my shoot, it felt amazing!

All about… why?

My 2024’s prom shoots have been designed for young women who are about to finish school this summer, with the aim of celebrating and empowering them.

Prom is a joyous way to commemorate the end of a highly emotional and stressful exam season. However, I believe that one crucial aspect is often overlooked during Prom planning: professional quality portraits.

Last year, I fully understood the significance of Prom night for teenagers.
My eldest daughter, Erin, was undergoing her GCSEs and I was introduced to the expenses associated with Prom, including the cost of dresses, hairstyling, makeup, accessories like handbags and shoes, as well as transportation to the event!

Prom is a momentous occasion in the lives of young girls, and I strongly believe it deserves to be captured professionally through photography.
I photographed Erin looking fabulous in her prom dress, and I want to offer the same opportunity to other young women.
This way, they can have lasting memories of the incredible feeling they experience during this exciting turning point in their lives.

Prom dominated Erin’s conversations with her friends at the time!
They meticulously plan every detail, just like many others, yet I am surprised that parents often overlook the importance of investing in professional portraits that would beautifully capture the moment.

Parents spend hundreds of pounds on Prom, but many settle for a quick snapshot in the garden and can miss capturing the moment in a manner befitting this milestone.
To me, it’s a tremendous, missed opportunity to create something special and a lasting memory for our young women.

Add to this, the confidence boost of experience a shoot like this gives is vital.
The portraits created will give everyone in the family so much joy.

If you wish to celebrate your daughter’s coming of age with professional prom photos, reach out to secure one of the limited edition sessions at my photography studio in Havant or out on location next summer.
The shoots are priced at £99, and 100% of this fee will be donated to my carefully chosen charity www.youngminds.org.uk.



Next Steps!

Step 1

Get booking...

First step, fill in the form!
Please ensure you definitely want this shoot, as once booked - you're fully committed!

You can call us if you'd prefer on 02392480100.
Don't delay, the best dates will go fast!

Step 2

Shoot Day...

With a fantastic makeover (grab the top tips too) from our makeup artist and then enjoy your shoot with Johanna!
Full posing guidance given.
We've got you.

Step 3

Reveal Session...

Return to see the results!
Only one reveal session included, so be prepared.

Prom portrait sessions with Johanna Elizabeth
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