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Exciting news! We have another press feature to share with you….

This month we’re featured in Menopause Life, the national women’s magazine which is packed full of articles, stories, and inspiration for women going through menopause.

The February edition is all about self-love and self-care, and in the article (on pages 22 and 23), you can see portraits created by us – the Johanna Elizabeth team – plus read our top tips on how to build body confidence.

Yes, ladies, we want you to fall back in love with yourself!

Menopause Life magazine

Five tips for building body confidence

We wanted to share these body confidence tips with Menopause Life readers. Why? Well, because we women get quite a tough ride around the time of menopause!

With our hormone levels fluctuating, our emotions in flux and our bodies changing, it’s no surprise that many women experience a loss of body confidence and a dramatic dip in levels of self-esteem.

This phase of our lives can also feel particularly challenging because it often coincides with major shifts in our lifestyles. In our 40s, 50s and 60s, there are pressures from all directions!

Our children fly the nest, we may realise that we feel unhappy in our relationships and our marriages may break down, and our elderly parents need us more than ever, to name just a few.

Yes, there’s change by the bucketload around the time of ‘the change’, BUT there ARE ways to restore your sense of self-confidence, to love your body and to feel good about yourself again.

Menopause Life magazine
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The importance of existing in photos

One of the ways that we recommend women build their body confidence is by existing more in photos and looking at portraits of themselves often.

By doing this, you’ll more likely see what others see when they look at you – an amazing woman with so much to give!

So, don’t always be the one taking the family snapshots, and don’t hide in a group photo or obscure your face with your hands or pull silly faces when you’re photographed (yes, I know all the tricks!).

It’s sad but true that women too often fail to see their beauty, even though it’s right there to see.

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'Empowering Me' body confidence guide

Body confidence is the key to your success!

The stories we tell ourselves about our self-worth, our value and our physical appearance are often untrue. We can all too often be overly self-critical and self-deprecating, and this can lead to us having a poor sense of self and lacking body confidence, which holds us back in so many aspects of our lives.

Follow the tips we’re sharing this month in Menopause Life magazine though, and you can transform how you feel about yourself and live a more body-confident life!

Purchase your copy of the magazine here and be inspired!

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Love Johanna, Ange & Rachel



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