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Are you set to marry the partner of your dreams this year or next? Perhaps they popped the question recently, or maybe you’ve been planning your dream wedding for some time?

Well, if so, have you considered having a bridal boudoir photoshoot?

It’s the ultimate way to celebrate your engagement and upcoming wedding!

Bridal boudoir photography

At Johanna Elizabeth, our speciality is empowering photography for women. We’re widely considered to be the UK’s leading all-female team for beauty and boudoir portraits.

Women of all ages travel across the country to be photographed by us, here at our Hampshire-based studio.

Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of brides-to-be celebrate themselves and their upcoming nuptials with a bridal boudoir photoshoot.

Bride-to-be looking out of window during a bridal boudoir photoshoot at Johanna Elizabeth

These women have all wanted to be able to remember this incredibly exciting time in their life.

Through bridal boudoir portraits, we’ve captured the joy they were feeling as they were about to enter a life-changing new chapter.

What is a bridal boudoir photoshoot?

Bridal boudoir is a form of boudoir portrait photography, exclusively for brides-to-be.

What makes a bridal boudoir session different to our other portrait sessions is that you typically wear white or ivory-coloured lingerie.

You may also choose to accessorise your bridal boudoir outfits with traditional wedding props like a veil and garter to complete the look.

Having said that, each bridal boudoir photography shoot is unique and tailored to each client, so anything goes!

Boudoir wedding photography that empowers and excites your partner!

In a wedding boudoir photoshoot, we can create a wide variety of bridal-themed portraits that will be sure to knock your partner’s socks off!

Consider the story too! Come to us for a bridal boudoir photoshoot a few months before the wedding and you’ll then have a selection of classy, wedding boudoir photography images – light, bright wedding boudoir photos – to present to your partner on the morning of your big day. Just imagine their reaction!

Through boudoir wedding photography, you’re telling them ‘This is who you’re marrying today’…

Woman wearing white lingerie and holding a rose bouquet in a bridal boudoir photoshoot

Sultry bridal boudoir portraits

You don’t just have to wear white though. We can also create bridal boudoir portraits in a dark and sexier theme too.

It’s the perfect way of saying, ‘This is who you’ll be with for the rest of our days’…

A bridal boudoir photoshoot doesn't just have to involve white or ivory lingerie

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Why do a bridal boudoir photoshoot?

1. A bridal boudoir photoshoot is a celebration of you

The purpose of a bridal boudoir photoshoot is to document who you are right there, at that moment.

Ultimately, it’s a celebration of this significant milestone in your life as you look ahead to your wedding day.

We want you to relish the experience of bridal boudoir photography and give yourself a moment to say: “I am worth it. I deserve to feel beautiful. This is about me.”

Bride to be in white lingerie reclining on a chaise lounge during a wedding boudoir photoshoot

2. Bridal boudoir photography will boost your confidence

So many of our clients tell us that their bridal boudoir photoshoot has been the best money they’ve ever spent.

Why? Because they didn’t just get beautiful portraits, they also went away with a whole new attitude and more self-confidence than they’ve ever experienced before!

A bridal boudoir photoshoot will do the same for you, helping you to feel incredibly confident on your wedding day.

Woman photographed wrapped in a white sheet during a bridal boudoir photoshoot


3. A bridal boudoir shoot is an unforgettable wedding gift for yourself

We believe that bridal boudoir portraits should, first and foremost, be a gift for yourself.

Our wedding-themed boudoir photoshoots are designed to boost your confidence and celebrate who you are.

We’ll style and pose you in a way that will make you feel fabulous, and we’re 100% confident that you’ll love the results!

A bridal boudoir photoshoot is a chance to celebrate you before your wedding day


4. A bridal boudoir photoshoot is a way to preserve and relish in the excitement of your engagement and wedding

You might think that you couldn’t get any more excited about your engagement or wedding but, spend a few hours with us and, you will!

The portraits we’ll lovingly create for you during your bridal boudoir photoshoot will preserve that special feeling so that you can remember it forever.

Even if you’ve got a few pre-wedding jitters, we’ll make you feel amazing and boost your confidence so those worries simply melt away!

Woman photographed on a white bed and wrapped in white bedsheets near a large window


5. Bridal boudoir portraits are the perfect wedding gift idea for your partner

Bridal boudoir portraits can also be the perfect wedding gift for your partner.

Many women do choose to do a bridal boudoir photoshoot and give the photographs as a wedding gift.

Surprise him or her on your wedding day with your stunning portraits, and they’ll be sure to fall in love with you even more!

Giving the gift of intimate and sensual pictures of you – a secret between you and your partner – is a clear way of telling them “I’m yours!”

A smiling bride to be captured during a bridal lingerie photoshoot
Check out these gorgeous personalised cufflinks! Love!

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Is a bridal boudoir photoshoot right for you?

A bridal boudoir photoshoot is perfect for you if you love our unique style of photography and the idea of capturing some bridal-themed portraits excites you!

Your engagement and wedding are major milestones! Why not create some precious memories while you have the chance? It’s a fantastic way to remember this wonderful time in your life.

Whether you are looking to do something indulgent for yourself, or are wanting to create the ultimate wedding gift for your partner, contact us today about your pre-wedding boudoir portrait session.

You need to hustle – this is one vital part of the wedding budget that needs careful planning and consideration!

We can’t wait to create some bridal-themed magic with you!

Johanna, Ange & Rachel





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