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As 2017 came to an end, I realised that I really wanted to collect an inspirational series of stories to start 2018 off to a positive BANG!

Every week at Johanna Elizabeth, I am touched by the emotional stories…many of which can be seen in my portrait page reviews and our boudoir page reviews!

So, the ‘Love You Challenge’ was created.

What is the Love You Challenge?

I find out why these unique people, applied and how their journey with us…really made a difference.

Only intended to last a few weeks, I got such a phenomenal response… that I am still shooting these amazing men and women!

Pleased to introduce Fran. After an incredible weight loss journey, we were honoured to capture her in her new body!

Wonderful to see Fran finally see herself!

“Firstly I would just like to say thank you for letting me be a part of this challenge, it’s been an experience!

What made me come forward? Well having been a very large person all my life I had become accustomed to thinking of myself as just that.Now having lost the weight,  it’s been really hard to adjust my mindset to this new body even after having surgery, when the opportunity came up my husband said to go for it and maybe I will see how far I have come.

I felt so nervous leading up to the shoot and the usual anxiety crept in, what if I’m not good enough? What if they don’t like me?etc but as soon as I arrived and I was in the studio all my worries and anxiety melted away, Katie and Miriam put me so at ease and I had so much fun that I completely forgot about all my wobbly bits and loose skin or scars.

It was amazing to me to see the reactions from Katie as she took the photos but when I came back for my reveal I was stunned! Was that really me? I don’t look like that!? I had never seen myself like this and for the first time I could see how other people saw me and it was life changing. Yes it was really me and yes I do look like that! Who knew?! It was such a liberating feeling to finally see what others have been telling me, I’m not that large person anymore, I am me, this is me, stronger, happier and proud.

Thank you so much for everything ❤”

Thank you, Fran!

Amazing Fran, so powerful!

Follow me as even more ‘Love You Challenge’ stories unfold here at Johanna Elizabeth…

If you’d like to feel the way that Fran does now – contact me and my team here and let’s get you on your own journey!

Love Jo

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