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As 2017 came to an end, I realised that I really wanted to collect an inspirational series of stories to start 2018 off to a positive BANG!
Every week at Johanna Elizabeth, I am touched at the emotional stories…many of which can be seen in my portrait page reviews and our boudoir page reviews!

So, the ‘Love You Challenge’ was created.
I find out why these unique people, applied and how their journey with us…really made a difference.

Only intended to last a few weeks, I got such a phenomenal response… that I am still shooting these amazing men and women!

In Jayne’s own words…

Hi all just want to share my day with Johanna Elizabeth with you all.
I entered this boudoir shoot for me and to try and make myself feel better about myself and how I saw myself.
I have lost over 3 and a half stone in weight and thought why not now so I went ahead and entered.
Well I never thought I would get picked to do this but omg I did then I thought God I can’t do this and really take my cloths off and stand their and look at myself, but I did.

The ladies were all so nice and kind to me I had my make up done and hair and for a long long time felt a bit good about myself.
Then it was on to the shoot.

At first I was so out of my zone and worried that I would not look good but as the time went on I loved it and I really did not want it to be over.

So the day came for me to come back and look at my photos and I thought ‘well I hope their is just one photo that I could be proud of’.
I also wanted one nice photo for my partner who has helped me loose the weight and he really said I could do this.

Well, omg we both walked in the room and their on the wall and on the tv was me I really could not stop looking at myself I cried. All the photos were fab, every one I loved and my partner did.

I felt so so good about myself and I thought ‘well in fact I am ok I look ok’, and well, good in my own skin- loved it.

Wow, what an amazing thing to do.
So ladies do it, if you get the chance.
I did and loved it. All the team are so so nice and now my photos are all around my home and I am so very proud of them I even took them to my work place and I would never would have done that.. everybody loved them.
So from the bottom of my heart thankyou ladies you have given me back to me and now am proud of me.
I can walk with my head up high which is how I felt when I left you all.

Many, many thanks Jayne feltham.xx ?❤?

Follow me as even more ‘Love You Challenge’ stories unfold here at Johanna Elizabeth…

If you’d like to feel the way that Jayne does now – contact me and my team here and let’s get you on your own journey!
Love Jo

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