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As 2017 came to an end, I realised that I really wanted to collect an inspirational series of stories to start 2018 off to a positive BANG!
Every week at Johanna Elizabeth I am touched at the emotional stories…many of which can be seen in my Portrait page reviews and my Boudoir page reviews!

So, the ‘Love You Challenge’ was created.
We find out why these unique people, applied and how their journey with me and my all-female team…really made a difference.

Much love to Linda…

“Wow, where do I start?
My reason for coming forward is that I will be 60 in May and have decided to do a few things for ME this year. One thing I really wanted to do was to have a photo shoot done so when I saw your ‘Love Yourself Challenge’ the opportunity was to good to miss. Having sent my application I forgot all about it but was extremely happy when I got a call from you inviting me to come for a chat and start the whole process of finding ‘ME’
My feelings from the start was pure excitement and anticipation of what was to come and I felt comfortable throughout the whole process. Going out to buy bits and bobs for the big day was pure joy. On the day it was sheer pleasure to be pampered having my makeup done so beautifully and not rushed. I didn’t come with any pre conceived ideas of what I wanted other than wanting to do a ‘Calendar Girls’ photo for definate. Which I did. ? I felt so at ease during the shoot that I abandoned caution to the wind and went with the flow and ventured into the exciting unknown. I felt like a Princess for a while and nothing was hurried.
As for the reveal session………it was amazing. Standing at the door in anticipation, heart racing and adrenaline going. Door opens and…………WOW. I was speechless for a few seconds just trying to take it all in. The whole collection of photos were amazing and way beyond anything I had imagined. I wanted them all and it was agonising to choose the ones to take home. Just wish I could have had them all.
I am extremely proud of myself for doing this and seeing myself in this light has given my confidence a big boost.
Hm………maybe another shoot when I’m 65 ?”

Linda, you’re amazing!

Follow us as even more ‘Love You Challenge’ stories unfold here at Johanna Elizabeth…

If you’d like to feel the way that Linda does now – contact me here and let’s get you on your own journey!
Love Jo

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